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The DC comics feature a lot of iconic superheroes. Two of the most famous ones are Wonder Woman and Aquaman. They have a lot in common since they both come from different worlds and are trying to find their place in a new culture.

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They also both belong to the Justice League and have helped to save the world many times over. But more than once, Wonder Woman and Aquaman clashed and fought. Let’s take a look at their powers and other important aspects of their characters, and let’s see who would win if Wonder Woman and Aquaman went against each other.

11 Strength: Wonder Woman

Aquaman is very strong, but he still isn’t on the same level as Wonder Woman. In the New 52 comics, Aquaman can lift up to 475 tons and more, but Wonder Woman can achieve even better results than this.

After all, she has the power of the gods at her disposal, and that’s an advantage that shouldn’t be underestimated. If they were hitting each other repeatedly, in the end, Aquaman would have to endure harder blows than Wonder Woman.

10 Intelligence: Wonder Woman

Aquaman isn’t stupid, not by a long shot. But intellectually, Wonder Woman still wins over him. She’s an excellent strategist, and while she also makes mistakes, she usually quickly comes up with a different solution.

After all, she’s been given the wisdom by Pallas Athena. Aquaman, on the other hand, often makes mistakes in judgment, like when he underestimated his people, and they hurt and betrayed him.

9 Speed: Wonder Woman

It’s easy to forget this about Wonder Woman, but she’s not only super strong but also fast. She can keep up with the Flash, at least as long as the scarlet speedster isn’t moving at his top speed, and let’s not forget that she can also fly (more on that below).

Aquaman is also super fast, but considering that Wonder Woman was given her speed by another god, Hermes, she also wins this round.

8 Iconic Enemies: Tie

Both Wonder Woman and Aquaman only have a few iconic enemies that the general public could probably think of, unlike other DC superheroes, such as Batman who has a much wider gallery of rogues.

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Wonder Woman’s most iconic enemies are Cheetah and Ares, while Aquaman has Black Manta and Ocean Master. What Wonder Woman and Aquaman both have in common is that they share a personal connection with their villains, so in this case, they’ve reached a tie.

7 Team Size: Aquaman

Both Aquaman and Wonder Woman have a large family or a nation they come from, yet Aquaman wins this round. Why? Well, most of the time, the Amazons are stuck on Themyscira and can’t go to the land of man, at least not without knowing they could never come back.

Aquaman, on the other hand, can easily call on for his people in Atlantis, and more often than not, they will come.

6 Society Perception: Wonder Woman

An important part of any superhero’s life, at least if the superhero is as well-known as Wonder Woman or Aquaman, is her or his public image. It can make the superhero’s effort to save people easier or harder because if people don’t have trust in them, they’re bound to be less cooperative.

Wonder Woman’s public image is much better than Aquaman’s since people don’t know too much about him. Some see him as a potential invader, while Wonder Woman is popular with both women and kids.

5 Current Cultural Impact: Tie

Both Aquaman and Wonder Woman had an enormous impact on superhero comics. They’re part of the Justice League, and each of them brings a different set of skills to the table.

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Plus, their movies in the DCEU were both successful and well-accepted by the critics as well as the fans, which is more than can be said for some other movies from the DCEU. Considering how well both of the superheroes did in the last five years, this round is a tie.

4 Weapons: Tie

Another important aspect to consider is the weapons Wonder Woman and Aquaman use for fighting crime. They both have an iconic weapon closely connected to who they are as a person and what they represent.

Wonder Woman has her lasso of truth and the bracelets which allow her to deflect bullets unharmed. And Aquaman possesses the trident, which is a useful weapon for defeating his enemies without killing them.

3 Flight: Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman can not only fly, but she also has the ability to reach a high speed of flight, approximately half the speed of light.

That’s much faster than Aquaman can move, and since he cannot fly, Wonder Woman could easily use this power of hers against him in a fight. Yes, Aquaman can surf waves and swim really fast, but that’s not in the same category as actual flying.

2 Water Powers: Aquaman

Wonder Woman can survive underwater, but Aquaman not only survives there but thrives in the ocean since it’s his natural habitat. He has the ability to communicate with sea life and ask for their help if needed (but he doesn’t talk to the fish, at least not in the traditional meaning of the word).

He can, of course, breathe underwater, move really fast, and is also highly proficient at fighting underwater, so he wins this round without a doubt.

1 Winner: Wonder Woman

It was a close match in a few aspects, but in the end, Wonder Woman takes the victory for herself. Aquaman would put up a hard fight, but as long as they’re fighting on solid ground, Wonder Woman has an advantage over her fellow Justice Leaguer.

And while she may not be that fond of beating her team members up, if the situation calls for it, she’s not afraid to use her godlike powers against those who are her friend.

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Wonder Woman and Aquaman are both strong fighters in DC comics, but which one would win in a fight?

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