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Superman and Wonder Woman are both members of the Trinity. Together with Batman, they are considered the quintessential heroes of the DC universe. Most often with fan debates, there have been plenty of versus matchups where they put their favorite characters against one another. Which often leads to very heated conversations. While Superman and Batman often face one another for some reason, every now and then Wonder Woman also gets pitted against the Man Of Steel.

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Here are the 5 reasons why Wonder Woman would win and 5 reasons why Superman would win.

10 Wonder Woman: Reflexes

Canonically stated by Batman himself, Wonder Woman’s reflexes are even faster than Superman’s. Although she is technically bulletproof (depending on the incarnation that is being discussed), she is more often than not deflecting a wide variety of projectiles from bullets to lasers.

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This is nothing to scoff at, as only characters that are the equivalent of the Flash are capable of matching her in terms of her reflexes. Superman may be incredibly fast, but Wonder Woman’s own combat speed is in another tier.

9 Superman: Durability

Superman’s strength is one of his most widely known abilities. With his strength, he is able to dish out attacks that are capable of absolutely demolishing planets. But with great power must also come great durability. There is a reason why Superman is known as the man of steel. He has survived bullets, nuclear weapons, planetary attacks, and even the Omega beams from Darkseid that is capable of completely vaporizing living beings. He has also fought Anti-Monitor level threats like the World Forger (who is his literal brother), and fought Superboy-Prime (who is a silver age level threat).

8 Wonder Woman: Warrior Mentality

Wonder Woman is first and foremost a warrior, and as such always does what she has to do. This can make her do things that Superman wouldn’t particularly like, such as the murder of Maxwell Lord back in Infinite Crisis. But this warrior mentality also makes her incredibly capable in the battlefield and makes her far less naive than the boy scout mentality of Superman, while at the same time not holding the no-kill rule of Batman.

7 Superman: Solar Energy

The source of Superman’s amazing abilities, is the energy of the sun itself, as he is able to metabolize the sun’s rays to power his abilities. So long as he has solar energy, his stamina is virtually limitless so long as he isn’t too badly hurt. Wonder Woman may be a demi-god who never gives up, but even she has her own personal physical limits. How would she be able to deal with someone like Superman who seemingly never gets tired till the end? What’s more, the sun empowers Superman and can make him stronger the closer he is to it.

6 Wonder Woman: Magic

Wonder Woman’s strongest edge is her magic. While Superman’s weakness to magic is somewhat confusing, what is known is that Wonder Woman can still damage Superman as magic is able to bypass his natural durability. (Since Superman’s superhuman abilities are natural and not magic-based.) Although Superman has fought numerous magical threats in the past, Wonder Woman would do just fine in figuring out a way of bypassing Superman’s strengths. Specifically by using her magic-infused sword and taking advantage of her magical heritage.

5 Superman: Theta State

One of the more unusual abilities that Superman has is also one of his absolute strongest. The Torquasm martial arts are abilities that allow Superman to do even crazier feats than usual, such as transcending the physical plane through torquasm vo or the theta state. It is so powerful that he can contend with extremely powerful telepathic threats with a decent effort, something Wonder Woman has no experience against. Even if that didn’t work, he still has torquasm rao which acts similarly to ultra instinct from the Dragon Ball universe.

4 Wonder Woman: A Better Fighter Than Batman

As stated by Batman himself, Wonder Woman is a far better fighter than Batman, being considered the best warrior in the world. This is nothing to scoff at, as Batman knows every martial art in the entire world. This also goes with the fact that Wonder Woman has fought villains that have been around for over millennia (like the Greek God Ares) and has been trained by the Amazons her whole life. The Amazons, of course, are warrior women who have been around since at least the era of the Greek gods.

3 Superman: Versatility

Superman arguably has every superpower you can think of. Super strength, Super Speed, Durability, a collection of powers like X-Ray vision and Heat vision. Superman has all of this and he combines them into a fighting style that allows him to make all uses of his powers. What he lacks in terms of pure martial skill, he absolutely makes up for it for the sheer range of the superpowers under his belt. This allows him to fight virtually anyone thrown at him, even if they have been around the DC universe for a lot longer like Darkseid.

2 Wonder Woman: Experience

Wonder Woman is one of the oldest superheroes in her universe. Sometimes it is claimed that she is over thousands of years old, which means she has seen almost everything the world has to offer.

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It also helps again that she has fought a variety of villains before Superman was even born. Superman may have a lot of versatility when it comes to his superpowers but when it comes to sheer experience, Wonder Woman dwarfs him hard.

1 Superman: Adaptability

Probably the most underestimated ability of Superman is his sheer adaptability. Sure, he doesn’t have the pure tactical mind of Batman or the warrior prowess of Wonder Woman but he makes up for it with his sheer tenacity.

Arguably his willpower is in leagues with or even surpasses the Dark Knight. He has fought literally everyone from the same threats Wonder Woman has faced to new gods like Darkseid. He has even fought Mr. Mxyzptlk who is a fifth-dimensional imp that can literally bend the rules. Superman is just incredibly adaptable to literally any threat.

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Superman and Wonder Woman are usually allies in the DC Universe… but what would happen if they did throw down?

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