WrestleMania Held a Second Main Event Match with a Netflix Star

WWE held a secret title match after its WrestleMania 36 main event on Sunday, pitting new WWE Champion Drew McIntyre against a returning former champion – and nobody knew until the bout aired the following night on Raw.

McIntyre, still in his ring gear from his match with Brock Lesnar, managed to beat the Big Show in less than ten minutes. He had been challenged by the former champ not long after defeating “The Beast Incarnate.”

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McIntyre tried walking away from Show’s challenge several times, but the legend wouldn’t let him. “This is a big man’s world,” Show said. “I know you think you’re a big man, but you’re no giant.” Big Show cursed several times at McIntyre, calling him a “b–h” and telling him “you don’t know s–t.” A slap to the Scottish Psychopath’s face was eventually enough to do it.

McIntyre told the referee to ring the bell and he proceeded to take on the Big Show. The match turned out to be an entertaining and decent bout, with McIntyre winning by pinfall. He was able to nail Big Show with a Claymore Kick after ducking his KO Punch.

It’s not often that WWE holds main events after the main event, though hen it happened it’s usually a bigger deal than this time. A perfect example occurred in 1993 at WrestleMania 9, when Hulk Hogan came out and challenged Yokozuna after his WWE Championship win over Bret Hart, eventually finding himself victorious and walking out with the belt. While Big Show’s evening played out differently, when you realize Big Show launched his new Netflix sitcom this week, The Big Show Show, it makes sense for him to make history — even if he didn’t add another championship reign to his resume.

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WWE held another main event after WrestleMania 36's match between Brock Lesnar and Drew McIntyre – and a major title was on the line.

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