WWE's The Last Ride Reveals Who Helped A Scared Undertaker Recover

When Brock Lesnar ended Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WWE‘s WrestleMania 30, fans were shocked. No one expected it to be broken at the 2014 pay-per-view. However, the event cemented Lesnar as the Beast and the icon that sent the Dead Man temporarily to his creative grave. It was later revealed Undertaker/Mark Calaway got concussed and was unable to even remember the match ended.

He sought medical attention backstage, so much so even Vince McMahon was worried about his prized asset. Now, in the WWE docuseries, The Last Ride, we discover just how badly shaken Undertaker was from all this and who actually helped him recover with a triumphant moment of camaraderie.

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Undertaker has many mentors, such as Jim Ross, and, of course, McMahon himself. There’s also his wife, Michelle McCool. All of these people know the business and Undertaker’s career inside out. They stand by him through thick and thin, which is why one would have expected someone here to help jolt him out his shocked state. Undertaker was scared to return after the concussion against Lesnar, and it made him appear shockingly, well, human. In the year that followed, as he prepared to face Bray Wyatt at the next WrestleMania, despite his inner-concerns, he hid it pretty well.

Undertaker admitted this “one concussion in one match destroyed my confidence,” and he didn’t even let Bray know, so there wasn’t any chance he and his opponent could have worked it out beforehand. He simply took this weight on his shoulders. But while no one else noticed, one of his biggest rivals from the Attitude Era, Triple H, did. He said Triple H spotted him, and the WWE exec came over to Undertaker, who was kneeling down backstage. The Dead Man was petrified after his injury and burdened by expectations. But Triple H knew exactly what the myth needed.

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Undertaker confessed he was “waiting to go out… riddled with self-doubt,” but when Triple H knelt beside him and gave him a pep talk, it changed everything. The cameras picked up Triple H saying, “Show them who the fu–k you are!” and while we don’t hear the rest of their private conversation, the fist-bump they exchange says it all. They’re close friends who’ve been in the trenches together, and brothers-in-arm that helped build the modern brand for McMahon. And this moment proves how much of a brotherhood it really is backstage, made even more important by Triple revealing he couldn’t believe he was seeing this vulnerable side of the esteemed superstar.

“I remember that being mind-blowing to me. Like, it’s the f–king Undertaker!” Triple H said, indicating how hard it was for him to contemplate a decades-long legend and stalwart of the industry having such doubts. Undertaker was so thankful, saying this was enough to get him through the match and it actually restored his confidence. After the match, Undertaker was backstage joking with McMahon about being able to remember this match. There’s also an awesome shot of Triple H keeping him company.

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After the Dead Man fought, Triple H embraced him backstage, showing something that transcends the usual respect in the wrestling fraternity. But as the Dead Man and McCool admitted, while his mind was back in it, his body wasn’t as much. Undertaker was carted off after the Bray fight in 2015 and the ensuing injuries slowed him down, leading to the poor showing against Roman Reigns a year later, which he admitted no pep talk could fix.

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WWE's docuseries, The Last Ride, reveals which superstar and Attitude Era icon helped Undertaker recover from his most vulnerable backstage moment.

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