WWE: Every Reference In Vince McMahon’s Triple H Speech, Explained

WWE Friday Night SmackDown offered fans a celebration of Triple H’s career, from his start as Hunter Hearst Helmsley and the formation of Degeneration X to his creation of Evolution and his role in The Authority.

Triple H came to the ring to talk about his career, and that brought out his Degeneration X partner in crime, Shawn Michaels. HBK delivered the expected ribbing, including a look at all the losses Triple H had over the years at WrestleMania to outtakes from his DX promos to comments about Stephanie McMahon holding her husband under her thumb.

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However, the last part of the segment concluded with the ultimate ribbing of The Game. Vince McMahon came out and laid into Triple H with some harsh insults, making deep cut references to some of the most embarrassing segments in WWE history. Here is a look at the references McMahon brought up and what they meant in the history of WWE.

McMahon commented that he couldn’t come down and hug Triple H or give Shawn Michaels an elbow bump because of social distancing, but he loved them both. Of course after saying that, the roasting began. McMahon explained how terrible the segment celebrating Triple H was. He said that the only people who would be cheering would be Triple H’s family, and that everyone else at home would be chanting “boring.”

He compared the segment to the Gobbledy Gooker. According to McMahon, he wanted WWE to have a mascot character and thought people would love the Gobbeldy Gooker. However, when the Gooker hatched out of the egg, there weren’t cheers or boos, there was just silence, which is the worst thing that can happen in a WWE segment.

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The segment took place at the 1990 Survivor Series, an event that also featured the in-ring debut of The Undertaker. For weeks, WWE had been teasing a big surprise with the egg, and then at Survivor Series it finally hatched. A man in a giant chicken costume came out, who then squawked and danced. To make the situation worse, the man under the mask was Eddie Guerrero’s older brother, Hector Guerrero.

The Gobbledy Gooker would later return at the gimmick battle royal at WrestleMania X-Seven, and The New Day even mocked it in 2015.

Up next, McMahon shocked the WWE Universe when he brought up Katie Vick. Michaels had mentioned it earlier, but McMahon referring to it was particularly shocking.

In 2002, Intercontinental Champion Kane was feuding with WWE World Champion Triple H, and that is when this storyline started. In the angle, Triple H claimed he had information about Kane’s past that would ruin the big man. He revealed Kane had a previous unrequited relationship with a cheerleader named Katie Vick. Things ended tragically when Kane was involved in a car accident, killing the girl.

While that should have been enough to enrage the Big Red Machine, Triple H took things too far by claiming that Kane defiled her body after her death, and that he had video footage to prove it. The “footage” was a naked Triple H, wearing a Kane mask, pretending to have sex with a mannequin in a casket that he claimed was Katie Vick. It remained one of the most hated segments in WWE history and wasn’t mentioned again until years later as cannon-fodder for people making fun of Triple H.

The last insult had nothing to do with Triple H. Instead, McMahon said that the 25th-anniversary celebration was almost as bad as the “Bayley, This is Your Life” segment on Monday Night Raw, although McMahon did add that it hadn’t been Bayley’s fault. The segment was an attempt to relive a moment from years past when Mick Foley gave The Rock a “This is Your Life” segment that had been one of the most-viewed pieces in WWE history.

The entire segment was a train wreck. It was hosted by Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss and both Bliss and Bayley did their best to make it work. However, the material was cringe-worthy and the fans in attendance hated every second of it. Bliss brought out actors who were supposed to be people from Bayley’s past, and it ended with two of Bayley’s exes making out in the ring as fans in attendance chanted “boring” and “delete.”

Triple H’s 25th anniversary celebration ended with one last rib from McMahon, who decided to kill the segment in order to put the WWE Universe out of its misery. The boss ordered the arena workers to turn off the lights on Triple H and Shawn Michaels, meaning there would be no Curtain Call for The Game on the night that revisited some of the biggest blunders in WWE history.

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Mr. McMahon was the final guest during Triple H's 25-anniversary celebration on SmackDown and roasted The Game with classic WWE deep cuts.

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