WWE Fans Detest One Wrestler – Which Is Why He Should Win Money in the Bank

WWE Money in the Bank has almost arrived, with this year’s men’s match featuring former world champions, first-time Money in the Bank participants and WWE‘s most hated superstar, Baron Corbin. King Corbin winning the Money in the Bank Ladder Match for a second time would undoubtedly enrage the WWE Universe, which is exactly why it needs to happen.

Of all the Money in the Bank competitors, Baron Corbin is the best choice to win it all as it would build upon the character that WWE has been grooming for years. With Brock Lesnar absent and “The Fiend” receiving more cheers than boos, WWE has an opportunity to transform Baron Corbin into the mega heel the company has wanted him to become for years, and that it needs right now more than ever.

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Unexpectedly cashing in the Money in the Bank contract is inherently a heel move, and there is no greater heel among the Ladder Match competitors than Baron Corbin. Unlike some heels in WWE, “The Lone Wolf” gets a unanimous heel reaction, and Corbin winning the Money in the Bank Ladder Match will build on that heel heat.The only thing that would incense the fans even further would be if Corbin finally won a world title and solidified his status as a main event level heel.

Even in the mid-card, Corbin has been a favorite of WWE management in spite of his poor reception among fans. Although WWE has been reluctant to pull the trigger on Corbin in the past, now may be the best time for The King’s ascension. Winning Money in the Bank could be the catalyst that finally gets Corbin over that mid-card hump, becoming the champion WWE has prepped him to be. Considering his body of work, a world title for Corbin definitely wouldn’t be premature either.

While some Money in the Bank cash-ins have been undeserving, King Corbin is ready for a world title. He’s won the United States Championship, earned an Andre the Giant Memorial Trophy, was crowned King of the Ring and retired the legendary Kurt Angle. WWE wouldn’t be simply handing him a world title too early in his career. King Corbin is a seasoned veteran who has paid his dues and has warranted a chance to hold one of WWE’s top titles.

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However, it’s not just Corbin’s credentials and his uncanny ability to generate heel heat that make him a prime candidate to win the Money in the Bank match. His character has continuously evolved since his “Lone Wolf” debut. While other characters have remained stagnant, Baron Corbin has evolved from “The Lone Wolf,” to the Authority’s stooge, to General Manager, to King of the Ring. World Champion is the logical next stage of this evolution, and a Money in the Bank win could send him there. Many of WWE’s Legends and world champions have had their characters evolve in a similar progression and it’s helped launch them to the top. Like it or not, Corbin is simply following this proven blueprint that other top WWE stars have previously written for him.

Even if the WWE Universe isn’t ready to accept Baron Corbin as a future world champion, the fans have to acknowledge that no one else on this Money in the Bank card deserves to win more than he does. Otis certainly doesn’t deserve a world title shot, and it’s still too soon to give one to Aleister Black. Daniel Bryan, Rey Mysterio and AJ Styles are all former world champions in the latter stages of their careers, so having any of them win it wouldn’t create any new top Superstars either.

Love him or hate him, Baron Corbin is the only logical choice to win the contract and successfully cash-in. If the goal for a WWE Superstar is to get a reaction, not only does Corbin get this in spades, but he always gets the desired response as a heel. To have a top villain actually receive heel heat is something WWE totally needs right now, and, considering how much boiling heel heat crowning Corbin as “king” generated, crowning him world champion would make the WWE Universe absolutely erupt.

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WWE Money in the Bank will feature The Universe's most hated Superstar, who should not only win the ladder match but,successfully cash-in as well.

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