WWE Had A Double Murder At Money In The Bank And The Killer Was Perfect

A lot happened this weekend at WWE‘s Money in the Bank PPV, but the one thing that no was expecting was a double murder. In the build-up to the Men’s Money in the Bank match, AJ Styles made it clear he would do anything to win the briefcase. Styles said he would even throw Aleister Black off the roof to win. Black later responded that Styles better hope he doesn’t get back up.

However, the entire Money in the Bank match took a strange twist at the end. The women made it to the roof first, and for some bizarre reason, when Asuka was going for the Money in the Bank briefcase, Baron Corbin showed up and climbed the ladder to try to stop her. That is when she kicked him down and won the women’s portion of the match.

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While Corbin seemingly not knowing the rules of the match kind of added to his heel-ish charm, things then took an even darker turn. The six men were wrestling on the roof, with Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles, Otis, Baron Corbin, Rey Mysterio, and Aleister Black all fighting to get in position to climb the ladder of success. Out of all those names, Corbin was by far the most despicable man in the match. This is the same man who ended the career of Kurt Angle and ruined everyone’s dream of seeing Angle retire against an actually good wrestler.

Yet, he went one step too far, even for professional wrestling, when Baron Corbin straight-up murdered the legendary Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black by tossing them off the roof of the WWE headquarters. While Styles teased that this was something he would consider, Corbin took it to the extreme and somehow escaped the match, not with the Money in the Bank briefcase, but without getting carted off to jail.

What could this all mean for the future of WWE?

There are plenty of options for how WWE could deal with the dearly departed. Mysterio already died once in a professional wrestling ring, so this is nothing new for the wrestler, who comes from a long line of Luchadores who have cheated death more than once. For Black, it could lead to a massive change of character where he evolves into something more like the original Undertaker than the Dead Man has been for the last few years. Could Aleister Black return as a dark demon seeking vengeance for his premature death?

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Then, there is Baron Corbin, the man who perpetrated this gruesome act of violence. Corbin already tried to murder Elias when he knocked him off a scaffold (and inspired a slew of Lion King memes) in the Performance Center. One foot further, and Elias’s fall could have killed him…or worse. Corbin already killed the career of Kurt Angle. Now, he has committed an even greater crime by murdering not just one, but two popular WWE superstars.

The future looks dark for Baron Corbin on Friday Night SmackDown, but this could be the shot in the arm his career needs. No one seemed to care when Corbin was shoving dog food in Roman Reigns’ mouth. No one batted an eye when he won King of the Ring. Sure, he gets booed, but he doesn’t get the nuclear heat of Lana, which is what WWE has been fighting for him to achieve over the last two years. Murdering one of the most popular underdogs in WWE history and one of Raw’s biggest young stars might be what it takes to finally put Corbin over the top.

Outside of his affliction with Boneyard Match PTSD, AJ Styles isn’t the man who should have straight up committed murder on a WWE PPV. However, the perfect man to pull off such a crime is King Corbin, and this dirty deed could finally make him the king of Friday Night SmackDown in a way that a crown and scepter never could.

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Baron Corbin went one step too far in the 2020 Money in the Bank match when he murdered Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black to try to win the match.

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