WWE NEEDS to Give This Money in the Bank Win to Its Biggest Potential Star

WWE‘s Money in the Bank PPV returns on May 10, this time with an interesting twist. WWE has announced that this year’s ladder matches would take place at WWE headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, with both the women’s and men’s match taking place at the same time.

On the men’s side of things, the three wrestlers from SmackDown are King Corbin, Daniel Bryan and Otis, while the Raw representatives are AJ Styles (replacing an injured Apollo Crews), Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black. The match is brimming with star power, however one superstar has a chance to break out as 2020’s biggest wrestler if he can manage to win the briefcase.

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Corbin has won the briefcase before and squandered his opportunity with a lackluster run. Otis, in all honesty, is not a big enough star to be winning this match. All of the other stars are already established players, being past world champions — all except for one. Aleister Black may not be a former world champion, but seems destined to be a future one. The former NXT Champion has already struck a chord with fans, who are only waiting for an excuse to get behind Black and his demonic persona.

Black has been oozing potential ever since his main roster call-up, but so far hasn’t found himself being given too many major feuds. WWE would only be squandering Black’s massive potential if it continued forward without a clear creative direction for the enigmatic character. Money in the Bank 2020 is WWE’s golden opportunity to skyrocket Black to the main event scene with a feud that many fans have been dreaming of since his NXT days.

If Bray Wyatt defeats Braun Strowman for the Universal Title as many fans expect him to, and Black can win the briefcase, it would immediately set up the break-through feud fans have been waiting for. The Fiend vs Aleister Black has the potential to be WWE’s most memorable feud of the year if executed well.

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Maybe the most interesting aspect of this potential dream feud is the complications that would arise from Wyatt being on SmackDown and Black being on Raw. The money in the bank stipulation used to be brand exclusive until 2007, when two-time briefcase holder Edge decided to cash it in on the Undertaker despite being on different brands. In 2019, the brand exclusivity rule was also broken when Brock Lesnar was given the to choice to cash it in on either of the two world champions. It is unclear whether or not the cash-in will brand exclusive this year. However, keeping the brand restriction this year would only limit WWE’s booking options moving forward, which are already very limited due to the pandemic. If WWE is smart, it would mirror what it did with Brock Lesnar last year by letting the winner tease cashing it in on either champion.

Another interesting aspect of a Black vs Wyatt feud would be the supernatural aspects of Wyatt’s Fiend persona. Typically, the briefcase holder is the opportunist and the champion is the prey, but WWE would have a unique chance to flip the tables around this year. With a reinstated wild card rule in place, Wyatt could potentially play mind-games with Black on Raw in his Fiend persona while feeling safe on SmackDown as Bray. Wyatt daring Black to cash in on him would make for an interesting dilemma for Black, who could be split between cashing it in on Raw‘s world champion, or the far more terrifying Fiend.

The Money in the Bank cash-ins in have become predictable and stale in recent years. WWE has already made efforts to shake up the match format itself. However, going with a traditional briefcase winner like Corbin, would be to the detriment of the product. In the current situation, WWE cannot take chances with a stale winner like Corbin or AJ Styles. It needs to push Aleister Black, and it needs to do it with the Fiend vs Black feud the WWE universe has been waiting for.

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If WWE wants to avoid another stale Money in the Bank run, it needs to shake things up by giving Aleister Black his big push.

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