WWE’s New Champ Might Already Have a Challenger – and It’s Not a Good One

Seemingly going straight from his historic WrestleMania win to Twitter, Drew McIntyre might already have a challenger lined up for his newly won WWE championship. Speaking with Talk Sport, McIntyre quickly went from talking about his big win to calling out heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury. A match with Fury is the last thing that McIntyre’s first championship run needs — but it might be the first place WWE decides to take it.

Tyson Fury has popped up on WWE programming multiple times since his count-out victory against new Universal Champion Braun Strowman at Super Showdown in 2019. Usually, it has just been to throw out challenges and keep promoting his name within the WWE Universe. There were even rumors of Fury facing Lesnar at WrestleMania 36, but fortunately that opportunity went to McIntyre instead. That didn’t stop Fury from challenging the winner of that match for the WWE championship, however. If WWE follows up on this as McIntyre’s first title program, it could be disastrous for McIntyre, with a win not helping him and a loss to Fury potentially destroying his legacy.

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If McIntyre wins the match it destroys any mystique that Fury has in wrestling. Fury may not be willing to allow his reputation to be tarnished by losing to a wrestler. That would force WWE to head to their go-to celebrity match finish, the messy one. What would a messy finish or DQ victory do for McIntyre? In a word, nothing. It would undercut any hype out that this feud could potentially have had, anger the audience, and leave McIntyre to clean up the pieces. Fury won’t stick around to make sure that McIntyre gets over in the long run. The feud would just end up a dark mark on McIntyre’s first championship run and potentially keep him from ever getting a second.

If Fury wins, it completely buries McIntyre, not just as a champion, but as an established character. It would destroy all the credibility McIntyre has built up during his second run in the WWE, and turn him into a transitional champion used to just get the belt on another part-timer. If WWE jobs out McIntyre in order to book a self-proclaimed “dream match” between Lesnar and Fury, not only would it be slap in the face to McIntyre –it would be wrecking McIntyre’s career to set up a match that not many wrestling fans are clamoring to see.

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With WrestleMania 36 in the rear view mirror and two part-time champs being dethroned, WWE has an opportunity to put the spotlight on its full-time roster talent. McIntyre responding to Tyson Fury’s challenge with the good old “anytime, anywhere” moniker is not what’s best for business, and it’s certainly not what’s best for Drew McIntyre. WWE should not be looking to put McIntyre in the ring with another part-timer, or even tease the idea of another part-timer being champion. WWE needs to careful with both of its new champions’ legacies. Both McIntyre and Strowman are first-time champions and both of them beat part-time stars at WrestleMania to get their respective titles. These two need to be booked as exceptionally strong monsters to stay over with the audience, especially since WWE desperately needs to establish new top guys so it won’t have to keep relying on stars from the past.

A match between Fury and McIntyre is a terrible idea regardless of the outcome. McIntyre needs to have a nice, easy first feud with someone who can come off as threatening, but ultimately not prove too much of a challenge to overcome. Not only does McIntyre deserve better than a feud with Fury, but the entire WWE Universe deserves better than being forced to watch a championship match with another part-time superstar.

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Drew McIntyre has already challenged Tyson Fury to challenge for his WWE Championship. This is a terrible idea for all involved.

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