WWE’s New Twist for Money in the Bank Should Create Pure Chaos

After 10 years as an established part of WWE‘s pay-per-view calendar, Money in the Bank is going through some changes. It was already announced that the match would be taped in advance at WWE’s corporate headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut. The competitors will have to fight their way to the top of Titan Towers and retrieve the iconic briefcase on the roof.

Not content with that twist to the rules, WWE has decided to add another. For the first time ever, the men’s and women’s matches will take place at the same time. It’s the largest Money in the Bank match in history, with 12 competitors (6 men and 6 women) fighting for two briefcases. It has the potential to be the wildest match in Money in the Bank’s 15 year history.

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Having both matches happen at the same time will add even more novelty to the match than the office setting, and should ensure there won’t be a single dull moment. While one set of wrestlers is selling offense, or transitioning to another floor in WWE HQ, another can be in the thick of the action. It will allow the wrestlers to take advantage of the setting and get in every spot possible in WWE’s first office brawl. Shayna Baszler could be trying to choke someone out in the break room while Otis recovers from charging through some cubicles in the office. Asuka might even get on the intercom and deliver one of her signature screaming promos.

Another advantage of both matches happening at the same time is that it won’t put one match at the disadvantage of having to follow the other. Especially in a match that should wreak havoc on the office setting, it’s better to get all of the big spots out of the way instead of trying to spread it out over two matches — after all, a spot can only be new once.

This new twist will also have the effect of allowing the rest of the card to breathe instead of happening between two wild ladder matches, which sets this show apart from previous incarnations. The four title matches currently booked on the undercard won’t have to fight for space with two ladder matches. That should give underutilized wrestlers like the Lucha House Party and Tamina a chance to shine.

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Having the men and women working at the same time also opens up the possibility of new alliances. Beyond the ones already established, like Carmella and Dana Brooke, we could see some new team-ups emerge. With men and women working simultaneously, we might even see a new power couple walk out with both briefcases.

Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans had an alliance last summer which saw them team up to challenge for the Universal and Raw Women’s Championships at last year’s Extreme Rules. While Evans has since embraced a role similar to GLOW’s Liberty Belle as a patriotic babyface, it hasn’t led to many wins for her. Reuniting with her old partner in crime could make them the top heels on SmackDown, especially since Corbin’s Kryptonite (the dreaded roll-up) will be nullified.

The match could also be a way for WWE to experiment with intergender wrestling. It flirted with it last year when Nia Jax entered the men’s Royal Rumble match and teased a match with the departing Dean Ambrose. The most shocking moment was Baron Corbin hitting Becky Lynch with an End of Days in their mixed tag match. While the men and women aren’t competing for the same briefcase, it’s hard to believe they won’t interact at all and Jax mixing it up with everyone in the match would be on brand for her. Costing a beloved babyface like Rey Mysterio or Daniel Bryan their case would put heat on Jax that isn’t due to the quality of her ring work.

The upside of WWE having to deal with COVID-19 (along with the many downsides) is that it’s added some unpredictability to their usually rote product. The new twists on Money in the Bank are the biggest example of that yet. Whether it lives up to the potential of bringing WWE’s iconic Super Bowl commercial to life or not, it’s sure to be unlike anything fans have seen from WWE before.

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WWE has added another twist to this year's Money in the Bank; both the men's and women's matches will happen at the same time.

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