WWE: Which Woman Has the Best Odds of Winning Money in the Bank?

After successfully pulling off its first empty-arena Wrestlemania, WWE is looking to keep the momentum rolling this Sunday at the most unique Money in the Bank event ever. The field for the fourth Women’s match includes Carmella, Dana Brooke, Lacey Evans, Asuka, Nia Jax, and Shayna Baszler. While certain women in the group might be seen as favorites, WWE has surprised at MITB before, and Carmella (the only previous winner in this match) winning the inaugural women’s contract over Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair is proof of that.

After an overwhelmingly positive response to the cinematic “Boneyard” and “Firefly Funhouse” matches at WrestleMania 36, this year’s Money in the Bank matches were filmed in the same style. With both matches scheduled to take place at the same time, WWE can use the chaos to surprise fans with the eventual winners.

Let’s examine the current betting odds for each contender and dissect the likelihood of each woman walking out of Money in the Bank with the briefcase. The current odds listed for each superstar are from Sports Book Review in order from most likely to win to least likely.

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Baszler enters Money in the Bank as one of the most overwhelming favorites in the history of the event. Since arriving in NXT in late 2017, she has arguably been the most dominant woman on the roster. Her 416-day reign as NXT Women’s Champion is the sixth-longest women’s title reign in WWE history.

Baszler remained dominant since moving to the main roster, becoming the first superstar in history to eliminate the entire field in the Elimination Chamber. While she wasn’t able to beat Lynch at Wrestlemania, many believe that the former UFC fighter will be the woman to eventually end The Man’s year-long reign.

Lynch has run through almost everyone in the RAW Women’s division during her record-setting title reign. Coming off an appearance on “Billionaires” and with more Hollywood offers coming in, it may be time for someone else to take over as the face of the division. Baszler’s established dominance makes her an easy choice to start a new reign of terror while new faces in the division like Bianca Belair or Liv Morgan build themselves into contenders.

As the injuries continue to pile up in Jax’s wake, WWE continues to push The Irresistible Force. Instead of hindering her path to a second Raw Women’s Championship, her dangerous in-ring style may give Jax an inadvertent advantage over the competition.

Lynch began her rise to superstardom two years ago after Jax broke her nose with a sucker-punch in the lead-up to Survivor Series 2018. Without the image of a bloodied Lynch drowning in a sea of fans, who knows where her career would be now. While the two have never had a fully fleshed out feud on TV, they have had multiple Twitter feuds over the years.

Jax might have the most personal feud with Lynch, and having the MITB briefcase would help her hit Lynch with another “surprise attack.” Jax’s shortcomings in the ring have not held her career back yet and Sunday should be no different, as she, along with Baszler, enters the match as a betting favorite.

Behind the top two superstars, Evans might have the best chance to walk away with the briefcase on Sunday. After a long, personal feud with Bayley and Sasha Banks, she will enter the MITB match looking to earn another shot.

WWE has never hidden its infatuation with the former Marine, vaulting her into a main event program with Lynch soon after her call-up from NXT. While fans might not be keen on Evans having another run at Bayley, it could serve as a device to finally have The Boss turn on the Smackdown Women’s champion.

Having Evans parade around with the briefcase could send the already paranoid Bayley into overdrive. Increasing her reliance on Banks and forcing The Boss to protect her from sneak attacks could finally be the breaking point for the pair to start their long-awaited main roster feud. Having Banks cost Bayley the title by letting Evans successfully cash in would let the two start a feud and have their big blowoff at Summerslam.

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Having Asuka in the bottom half of the field seems odd, but a lackluster year has taken the sheen off the longest-reigning NXT Women’s Champion in history. While she is no longer presented as an unbeatable monster, fans have no problem with Asuka’s new personality. After losing her last two singles matches against Lynch, perhaps she could use the contract to tip the scales back in her favor.

The Empress of Tomorrow remains one of the best and most credible women on the roster, but her chances of winning on Sunday may be linked to Kairi Sane’s health. If the Pirate Princess is shelved indefinitely with injuries it would give Asuka an opportunity to re-establish herself as a singles contender. If Sane can return soon, the Kabuki Warriors will likely stay in the women’s tag divison, where depth is clearly needed.

Not many people are giving Dana Brooke a chance to win on Sunday. Her resume doesn’t have a lot to show for a four-year main roster career. However, WWE clearly has faith in her, signing her to a five-year contract in 2019 and keeping her with the company through the mass layoffs in April.

Having Brooke win the briefcase on Sunday is a bit of a stretch. However, her gymnastics background will be perfect in a cinematic version of the MITB ladder match. Even in a losing effort, Brooke could produce a star-making performance if her athleticism if properly highlighted.

The only former winner of the MITB briefcase is the biggest longshot to climb the ladder and win on Sunday. Without James Ellsworth helping her out, oddsmakers have essentially counted The Princess of Staten Island out of the running. While WWE could choose to shock the fans with another title reign, it’s more likely that, for now, Carmella will continue to team with Brooke and provide depth in the women’s tag division.

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Six women will attempt to win the Money in the Bank briefcase on Sunday. Who is the favorite to win and make history?

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