WWE: Who Might Be the Next Disciple to Join Raw’s Monday Night Messiah?

Seth Rollins has really grown into his role as the Monday Night Messiah. With new entrance music and the perfect superiority complex, Rollins is the leader of one of WWE‘s most disturbing new factions.

Some reports also indicate that Rollins wants to expand his new faction and has pitched ideas to the booking team about new members. There are plenty of good choices, and both Buddy Murphy and Austin Theory give the perfect template for who should join the Monday Night Messiah next.

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There are at least two key players on the current Monday Night Raw roster that would be perfect additions to the Rollins’ faction, but perhaps the best potential new member isn’t even a member of the WWE roster at this time.

When Rollins brought in his first followers, it was The Authors of Pain, a tag team that was often overlooked and seemed almost forgotten on the main roster after their success in NXT outside a quick initial push after their call-up. The next follower was Buddy Murphy, who came to help Rollins after losing his feud to Aleister Black. Murphy was at his lowest, and Rollins was there to pick him up. As for Theory, Andrade’s stable had just kicked him out and beat him down, and he was also in a dark place. Rollins was there for him as well.

Several wrestlers in WWE have been overlooked and need a similar pick-me-up. One of these men is a babyface that could receive a boost with a heel turn — Cedric Alexander. He was one of the top stars coming out out of the Cruiserweight Classic tournament. After a stint as one of the most talented superstars on 205 Live, he moved up to the main roster and impressed everyone. However, outside of a recent tag team run with Ricochet, WWE hasn’t used Alexander for anything. He often has the best match of the show when he does compete, but remains underused. Rollins could be there to lift him up.

The same could be said of Alexander’s tag team partner, Ricochet. There have been rumors that part of Alexander’s burial came due to his comments about Lio Rush when WWE let him go. However, there is nothing that indicates that Ricochet has any heat. The only thing holding him back are his promo skills, and that could be fixed immediately with a mouthpiece like Rollins. If WWE has Ricochet turn on Alexender after one too many tag team losses, Rollins could swoop in to lift him up.

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However, while both of those wrestlers could be perfect additions to the cult of Rollins, the best possible addition would be Rey Mysterio’s son, Dominick. From all accounts, Dominick has reached the point in his training where he might be ready to debut, which was teased on Monday Night Raw this week when Dominik joined his dad for a video talk with the Raw announcers. After Mysterio left the room, Dominik looked into the camera and, in a very serious voice, said that Rollins is a “man of scripture” and quoted what Rollins should expect after injuring his father: “an eye for an eye.”

While that is a clear threat toward Rollins for taking out his dad and trying to blind him, Dominick’s facial expressions and calm attitude were a little frightening. If WWE wants to give Dominick the best possible debut, that might mean having him turn on his father before starting his wrestling career. Dominick could join Rollins, Murphy, and Theory — and that could destroy Rey Mysterio Jr.

Seth Rollins wants to build an army behind him as the Monday Night Messiah. There are plenty of recruits that could join him, but the best possible choice could be Dominick, and if done right, it could create WWE’s next big star.

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Seth Rollins is pitching more names to add to his stable as the Monday Night Messiah — and here is a look at who should join him.

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