WWE: Who’s Most Likely to Get Thrown Off a Building at Money in the Bank

It seems pretty inevitable that someone is going to get thrown off a building at Money in the Bank, doesn’t it? After WWE has spent so much time promoting the ‘climb the corporate ladder’ gimmick of superstars brawling to the top of WWE Headquarters, there’s no way the match can end without at least one person getting thrown off that building–or at least a decent tease of someone getting thrown off.

This scenario is the best part of the wrestling business as the possibilities are endless, so let us stretch our imagination and try and predict who it could be. The bigger question to ask is who’s character could survive such a stunt? Would it help or hurt someone’s career? What if it is someone not even in the match?  There are only a few people whose character could handle such a stunt and it is not career suicide.

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Asuka has been killing it lately during the empty arena era. Her personality has shown through in spades, but will her new personality shine through and get over once the fans return? What if Asuka takes a tumble off of the roof, and is resurrected as the Empress of Darkness? They could even bring back a mysterious figure like Papa Shango to manage her and the two of them can run through the women’s division. Nothing would be more amazing than an updated version of the time Papa Shango cursed the Ultimate Warrior. Its time to scare a new generation of kids.

Aleister Black is a superstar who already borders on the supernatural. It is the reason why many people are calling for Black to be the final feud with The Undertaker so he can pick up the mantle from the Deadman whenever he decides to hang up his boots. If there is anyone in this match that can pull of resurrection after being thrown off of a roof, it would be Aleister Black.

Did someone say resurrection? AJ Styles just pulled off the feat on Monday Night Raw when he returned from being buried alive. If WWE decides to toss AJ Styles off of the building and have him brush that off just as easily the next night on Raw, then there will be no one that could stop him. He would become a force to be reckoned with, propelling him right to the top of the roster.

Let us think outside the box now. What if it is not someone in the match? What if after brawling through the building all night, including McMahon’s office, Vince finds himself on the roof trying to bring order to the chaos. Then, in the very chaos he created, Vince gets knocked off the building.

It is farfetched, yes, but think about it. Vince has wanted to have his Mr. McMahon character killed off on TV for years, and even succeeded for a couple of weeks back in 2007 when his limo exploded on Monday Night Raw. Vince McMahon could be the best person to toss off the roof since it would not hurt any of the current roster’s image or storylines and create a big moment that people will talk about forever within the wrestling industry.

With Becky Lynch saying Vince is showing everyone how to do a stunt fall, this might not be as far fetched as it initially sounds.

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Of course, this won’t be the first time a wrestling promotion has found its way to a rooftop. Most notably, the Giant was thrown from a five-story roof at Halloween Havoc back in 1995. It started after the Giant ran over the Hulkster’s motorcycle, shaved off his mustache, and snapped his neck twice. Refusing to back down, Hogan challenged Giant to a sumo monster truck battle on the roof of the arena before their championship main event.

Hulk Hogan picked up the win in the sumo monster truck battle, which enraged the Giant so much that he got out of his truck and attacked Hogan. Soon they were at the edge of the roof and with one good punch from Hogan, and the Giant plummeted to his demise. Mysteriously, he returned ten minutes later inside the arena for his championship match with not even a scratch on him. If the Giant can survive a fall and still end up with a Hall of Fame career, it seems fair to think that anyone involved in the Money in the Bank match could do the same spot and not damage their career too much.

The 2020 Money in the Bank event can be one we remember for a long time. It would be shocking if someone does not come off the roof. Let us just hope that there is a good reason for whoever they pick for the stunt, it is as memorable as everyone is imagining.

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From the second the match was announced there was one question that came to mind. So, who is coming off that roof?

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