WWE: Will Otis Even Get a Chance to Cash in His Money in the Bank Briefcase?

One year ago, anyone suggesting that WWE‘s 2020 Mr. Money in the Bank would be Otis Dozovic would have very likely been scoff-laughed at. The fat guy from Heavy Machinery? No way, never!

Well, a year later and Otis, as he is now known after undergoing WWE’s special name-reduction surgery, is in fact Mr. Money in the Bank. Granted, he didn’t win the beifcase so much as luck into it thanks to AJ Styles’ butterfingers (AJ might have still been a little distracted by the Undertaker) — but that doesn’t matter in the end. Otis has earned a title shot at the time of his choosing, and since the brand split is basically over (yet again), he can probably choose whichever champion he wants to face.

But will Otis really get a chance at the world title? Otis’ win was likely just a last minute decision to give the audience something they would never expect — that is one of Vince McMahon’s favorite tricks, after all. The downside of that trick, though, is that there are very rarely long-term plans associated with it.

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We know Otis is popular with fans. But is he over to the extent of a potential world champion? Maybe – but it’s hard to know for sure one way or another because WWE hasn’t been able to gauge any crowd reactions in months. The reactions to Drew McIntyre’s Royal Rumble victory proved that he was going to be a fan-approved world champion, and fans have wondered why WWE didn’t give Braun Strowman a run for years, so they were low risk options to hang a championship belt on. Otis? That’s a different story.

The master of the Caterpillar has so far been featured in only one singles feud: a midcard romance angle with Dolph Ziggler, Mandy Rose, and Sonya Deville. It is a miracle that Otis’ popularity didn’t wane in that angle, especially considering how those romantic storylines usually end — just ask Rusev, Lashley, or even Dolph Ziggler how much they were helped by their romance storylines.

Now, Otis finds himself with a world title opportunity. How will it play out? There are three scenarios.

One is that Otis cashes in and wins the world title. Considering that we are talking about Otis and his underlying comedic features, the likeliest way he could actually win the title would be in a fluke, just like he won the briefcase, and that would not help him in any way. For one thing, he is a babyface and babyfaces should win because they are better, not because they are lucky. And secondly, a fluke win would mean that he was not a deserving champion, which devalues the title. If Otis wins the title in a fair contest, WWE would then be associating one of its top positions with a comedy act. In either case, this is a no-win situation.

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The second option would see Otis cash in and lose. This could turn out to be the best option: it can get sympathy on the big guy and potentially lead to a more serious role down the line. It could even involve a Mandy Rose heel turn as well. The only downside to this option is that it would essentially waste the Money in the Bank briefcase for the year having it get won on a fluke and then fail to get the winner over.

And then there is option three: Otis doesn’t even get a chance to cash in the briefcase. He could lose the briefcase in a match (again: the perfect opportunity for a Mandy Rose turn) or he could have to forfeit it in an injury angle (although WWE doesn’t do many of those anymore). Losing the briefcase would probably be the best option for everyone involved, as it gives Otis all the benefits of a failed cash in, it would get a higher profile heel over – potentially with Mandy at his side – AND it gives WWE the chance to have that heel cash in the briefcase successfully.

Whatever ends up happening, Otis has cemented his place in the history books as the unlikeliest Mr. Money in the Bank of all time. Oh yeeeaaaah!

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Losing the Money in the Bank briefcase might be the best thing that could happen to Otis after Money in the Bank.

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