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An X-Factor variant cover illustrated by Scott Williams and inked by David Finch pays homage to Williams and Jim Lee’s Uncanny X-Men #268 cover.

The cover was released to promote the pre-order date for the latest X-Factor issue. The variant cover goes on pre-order on April 10 at 12 pm.

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“X-Factor is Back!!! PreOrders starts Friday, April 10th at 12 pm/est. Available at comicscorppromotions.com for this epic Scott Williams piece with David Finch inks!!!!” NoMoreMutants captioned the cover on Instagram. “For more details follow Comics Corp Promotions on Instagram and Facebook.”

The cover showcases the original X-Men line-up — Jean Grey, Cyclop, Beast, Iceman and Archangel — against a cityscape. Jean, Cyclops and Beast strike the same poses as Black Widow, Captain America and Wolverine on the original Uncanny X-Men cover.

Along with unleashing the cover, the Instagram account premiered the pre-order trailer. The video is set to Kanye West’s “New Slaves” from his Yeezus album with an animated action sequence. The cover comes at a time where the comics industry is facing uncertainty due to the industry-wide shutdown caused by coronavirus (COVID-19).

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Scott Williams and David Finch's X-Factor variant cover pays homage to Jim Lee and Williams' Uncanny X-Men #268 cover.

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