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Deadpool 2 did a lot of things right. It is incredibly funny, and a worthy follow up to the first, but the best thing it did was bring Domino and Cable to the big screen. The character’s look may have differed, and her personality was a little less dark considering the film she was in, but it was still very much the Domino from the comics.

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That helped boost her following beyond what she had prior, getting people to see how badass she is in the comic and providing a boon to her cosplay usage. Below are some of the best the community has to offer for the mutant whom lady luck always shines on.

10 Airsoft

If you’re going to pull off a Domino cosplay, you’re going to need to look ready to throw down. They manage that here, from the rifle slung over her shoulder to the pistol holster along her leg.

You can tell she’s a person you don’t want to try to tangle with, knowing it’s only going to end with a gun being pointed at your head. Having the Los Angeles streets in the backdrop helps add to that feeling, making it seem like she is there for a job.

9 Locked And Loaded

Calypso’s hair color may not match that of Domino’s, but the rest of the getup is perfect. From the straps along her boots to the guards along her knee, they all scream someone willing to riddle you in holes without a second thought.

The gun she’s holding only further solidifying that feeling. It looks like it wouldn’t just shoot bullets either, possibly firing off similar pulse rounds that Cable’s weapon from Deadpool 2 would. It wouldn’t be beyond her character to have that kind of tech either.

8 Two Pools Better Than One

That expression on Domino’s face, coupled with the huge grin on Gwenpool’s is a perfect contrast of their characters, the same holding true for Deadpool. They are both whacky and zany characters while Domino is a bit darker, more about getting business done, having her fun after.

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The most adorable part of the cosplay may be the little plush shark that’s poking its head up over Gwenpool’s shoulder. It fits in perfectly with her personality.

7 New Look

For years, the all-black leather suit was Domino’s standard attire, never seeing her in anything else, especially the run during the Hope Summers saga of events.

Since getting her own solo series in 2018, the comic creators decided to give her a new look, and it’s one that isn’t bad, injecting a little more color into her repertoire. What’s nice is adding in the white streak to her hair, continuing the dynamic she already has with her skin pigment.

6 Yaya

Anyone who follows cosplay knows who Yaya Han is; there’s no avoiding nor denying her influence over the hobby, helping take it to new heights. Here’s an example of some of the quality cosplays the legend can put out, nailing the attitude and outfit embodying Domino from the comics, especially that smirk.

The background is incredible as well, helping play into the appearance that Domino is out on a job, two smoking guns in her hands, only adding further credence to it.

5 Blue Lips

While she’s a badass and a woman you’d never want to cross, Domino isn’t someone who was above using her sexuality to get the upper hand on a target nor to get herself out of a sticky situation.

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You wouldn’t think she’d need it given her power, but luck doesn’t make her invincible. Smitten Kitten has an aura about her that makes you drop your guard, luring you in so she can put a bullet in you before you even realize what’s happening.

4 On The Prowl

This shot feels like one of those panoramic moments you’d get in a movie where the hero of the flick just got hit with some massive plot development, and they have no idea how to process it yet.

Or in Michael Bay’s case, anytime there’s a huge explosion. Armored Heart is one of the few cosplayers who have painted more than just their face, hands looking equally as bleached through slits in the leather gloves. The little x symbol up near her collarbone is a nice little touch as well.

3 X-Force

Cable and Domino are the two mainstays of just about any X-force comic, Wolverine being one in the more recent renditions of the team. Deadpool kind of just flits around like a butterfly team-wise, but them wearing that stupid X-men trainee shirt from the movie is amazing.

The angle of the picture helps make all of them look badass, even Deadpool. The tilt lets you get such a clear view of all their weapons, from Domino’s guns to Wolverine’s claws. It makes you realize how dangerous this team can be.

2 Ready For Anything

If you see Domino holding a gun like that, you better hope she’s on your side or you’re going to be in for a very bad day, possibly even your last. The black studs in her ears really help add to the aesthetic of the cosplay, adding to the black patch over her eye, and the darker lipstick covering her lips.

Her hair being spiked up into what could be a mohawk (it’s hard to see) is a look that would suit the character so well. While not a punkish character by trade, there’s something inherently badass about a woman rocking a mohawk, just look at Storm.

1 Posing

Domino posing like she’s doing a photoshoot isn’t necessarily in character, but the look on Coocachoo’s face is very fitting, one of someone who isn’t too pleased to be there.

Domino’s the type of character that would do this as a favor to someone like Cable, one that she would surely want reciprocated in the future. The rest of the cosplay is rather simple, but there isn’t much flair to how Domino dresses. She wears it for its combat effectiveness, not how it looks.

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Domino has become a fan-favorite character in the X-Force comics, meaning several fans have cosplayed as the character.

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