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When people think of the X-Men franchise, Wolverine is one of the first heroes who comes to mind — likely because of how iconic he’s become, both within the realm of comic readers and within mainstream pop culture. It’s easy to understand why so many Marvel fans are drawn to Wolverine; he’s not your typical, good-guy hero, but his rugged personality combined with his moral code makes him more interesting than those guys anyway. (Also, he’s played by Hugh Jackman in the films, so, come on.)

And given how popular Wolverine is among X-Men and Marvel fans, it’s no surprise that many have chosen to pay homage to the character by getting a tattoo of him.

Here are 10 Wolverine tattoos that will help inspire your own comic-centric ink.

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10 The Comic Hero

This tattoo from thiagosouzabarbeiro on Instagram is straightforward, showing off a full-body profile of Wolverine, who looks like he’s about to attack one of his enemies. This comic-accurate image is perfect for devoted fans who want to capture what the character looks like on the page, suited up and everything.

It’s also a bit different than most Wolverine tattoos found online, the majority of which feature a close-up of the character with a focus on his claws. While they’re certainly one of the most powerful components of the Marvel hero, this image captures him in his entirety.

9 Onscreen Wolverine

While many Wolverine fans love the character from the comics, it’s possible some will want to pay homage to Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of the hero with their ink. That’s certainly the case with this tattoo, which features a portrait of Jackman’s Wolverine — though it doesn’t totally forget about the comic book version.

Below Jackman’s face, there’s an image of Wolverine in his comic suit and helmet. This tattoo highlights the best of both worlds, and it’s so detailed that it’s hard not to admire the artwork.

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8 Helmet And Claws

Not everyone likes having human faces tattooed to them, and that’s perfectly fine. This tattoo proves Wolverine fans can represent him with without getting a portrait inked onto their body. And given the symbols the tattoo highlights, it’s easy to tell which character it’s referencing.

This artwork focuses primarily on Wolverine’s helmet and the scratch marks left by his claws. Anyone who has spent time in the X-Men universe will easily recognize both symbols, even with this minimalist design.

7 Comic Strip

X-Men fans looking to get more than one character from the franchise permanently inked onto their body can consider this approach. Yes, this tattoo has a large section dedicated to Wolverine, but the sleeve also features other characters — and the fact that they’re each in a comic panel gives a nod to where they all originated.

The best part about this layout is that the person getting the tattoo doesn’t need to stick to just one franchise either. They can surround Wolverine with comic characters from any background — making this option incredibly flexible and fun.

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6 Wolverine & Deadpool: BFFs

Wolverine and Deadpool are both beloved characters from the X-Men universe, and it’s honestly difficult to say which is more popular these days (though Ryan Reynolds likely has some thoughts about it).

Given the characters’ relationship within the comic universe — and Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds’ ongoing rivalry — getting a tattoo that features Wolverine and Deadpool is a fun idea for fans of both. This concept offers plenty of flexibility, too. Although this particular tattoo features cute, animated versions of the characters seemingly working together, there are others that showcase them fighting one another, proving there are plenty of routes fans can take when getting these two tattooed.

5 The Funko Treatment

Those uninterested in getting a comic- or film-accurate portrait of Wolverine can take this approach and get the Funko version of the character tattooed to them instead. After all, Pop! figures are popular enough that people will understand the reference — and this one looks enough like Wolverine that they won’t question which character is getting the Funko treatment.

Fans can also get creative by trying out different Funko versions of Wolverine. Although the one shown here captures the character in casual attire, you can bet Funko makes a figure wearing Wolverine’s hero costume.

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4 Large And In Charge

Those looking for a larger piece can use this tattoo for inspiration. Perfect for an arm or leg-sleeve, this ink shows Wolverine from two different angles. The larger portion sees the character’s face — mask and all — looking skyward, while the smaller portion shows his silhouette facing forward.

The fiery explosion as a backdrop also adds a nice touch, making it seem like Wolverine is in the midst of a battle here. (And let’s be honest, the guy has definitely seen his share of explosions in both the comics and the films.)

3 A Tattoo You Can Hear

Wolverine isn’t a man of many words, but plenty of the words he does use can qualify as curses. It’s part of his charm, and it’s also probably why this fan chose to have “Damn!” written in comic print above this artwork of him. (Can’t you just hear him saying it?)

Again, the actual artwork shows Wolverine from two angles, one close up and one at a distance. And, of course, the blood splatter emphasizes how dangerous the character can be. That and the comic print are what make this tattoo stand out from others like it.

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2 An Anatomical Portrait

The anatomy of Wolverine isn’t all that different from the anatomy of any other human (well, except for the adamantium), but that didn’t stop this fan from breaking down what’s inside the character with this tattoo.

This unique approach to Wolverine shows half of his body as it would appear to anyone looking at him from the outside, while giving an anatomical display of his bones and muscles with the other half. This artwork is especially handy for anyone looking to pay homage to the character and memorize the parts of the body all at once.

1 One Of The X-Men

Another close up of Wolverine’s face — embracing the Hugh Jackman version of the character — this tattoo adds a pop of color by placing a red X reminiscent of the X-Men over his face.

The contrast between the black and red gives this ink a darker feel that’s fitting considering Wolverine’s character. It also simultaneously honors both the character and the X-Men franchise as a whole, making it a solid tattoo for someone who’s a big fan of both.

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Wolverine is the most popular hero from X-Men so of course fans have tattoos. Whether they're comic accurate or Hugh Jackman, here's the best.

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