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Apocalypse, or En Sabah Nur, is one of the oldest and most powerful mutants in the world. He was born in Ancient Egypt and left to die in the desert but ascended to the position of king and conqueror. He is an Omega-Level Mutant with vast and incalculable power, and he was chosen by the Celestials themselves to be their avatar of change and evolution. He is the embodiment of “survival of the fittest” and is reincarnated every generation to bring the world to its knees. He is easily one of the X-Men‘s most deadly foes.

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In that many millennia, one is inevitably going to try out several different fashion choices, and Apocalypse is no different. Some stand the test of time, and others become very dated very quickly. Some…may have not been a good idea to begin with.

10 Apocalypse And The X-Tracts Costume

By far the grooviest Apocalypse costume, En Sabah Nur wore this costume on the Age of X-Man world conjured by X-Man and Legion. Apocalypse and his team rebelled against the Age of X-Man and spread a message of peace and love. There is definitely a hippie/Charles Manson vibe to the whole aesthetic, but it still feels definitively Apocalypse. It’s an entertaining inversion of the more traditional Apocalypse look.

9 Sandstormers Costume

After En Sabah Nur was left for dead by his parents, he was found by a group of bandits known as the Sandstormers. They took him in as one of their own, and he began a life as a bandit. It’s a simple look and light costume, which is quite the opposite of what Apocalypse usually wears. It doesn’t offer any protection either, but it’s suited to the purpose of being a roving desert bandit. It doesn’t look bad, but it isn’t especially memorable either.

8 Psylocke As Apocalypse

When Archangel became the air of Apocalypse, he used the Death Seed to transform Psylocke into his bride. In this way, Psylocke became an Apocalypse of her own. The helmet was reminiscent of Wolverine’s mask, but it seemed to be trying to resemble a butterfly-like Betsy’s pink-purple psionic energy that is projected when she uses her telepathy. It’s a very revealing costume as well, and it wouldn’t offer a lot of protection. You get the idea that Archangel may have designed it for her.

7 X-Men: Apocalypse Film Costume

The X-Men: Apocalypse film costume was surprisingly loyal to the comics in many ways. They also used as many practical effects work as possible, which is respectable.

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It was unfortunately maligned for looking goofy to some when it was first revealed, which wasn’t all that fair. It’s a decent-looking recreation of En Sabah Nur, and it earns its spot on this list.

6 Apocalypse Vs. Dracula/Riders Of The Dark Armor

Apocalypse wore this armor when he led his Riders of the Dark, but it’s also known to be the armor he wore during his war against Dracula. It’s a great-looking suit that combines the aesthetic of his Egyptian heritage with a more European style of armor. It’s not too far a cry from the standard Apocalpyse armor, but it’s different enough to be distinct.

5 Wolverine As Apocalypse

After the fall of En Sabah Nur in the Age of Apocalypse world, Wolverine rose to the position of Apocalypse. He wore armor quite similar to Apocalypse himself with some notable exceptions. The Logan of this world lost one of his hands, so that gauntlet was replaced with an arm cannon when he became Apocalypse. Naturally, the costume also shows off more of Wolverine’s muscles, because Logan wants folks to remember that he’s jacked.

4 Mutant Sorcerer Costume

Now that Apocalypse has taken residence in Krakoa, he has both changed his name and his attire. He has put his efforts towards creating a school of sorcery specifically for mutants. This garb more resembles robes, though it still has his famously large collars. It’s quite a change of pace from the Apocalypse armor readers know while still showing the inspiration of the original.

3 Age Of Apocalpyse Armor

Of course, this list couldn’t conclude without mentioning the armor from Age of Apocalypse. Notably, it’s the timeline in which Apocalypse won. With the assassination of Charles Xavier at the hands of Legion, Apocalypse was able to take over the world.

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Here, he adds red trimmings to his blue armor, and he dons an awesome cape to go with it. It’s a great look for En Sabah Nur. and is downright iconic.

2 Archangel As Apocalypse

Archangel ascended to the throne of Apocalypse during the run of Rick Remender and Jerome Opeña’s Uncanny X-Force, and he changed the armor quite a bit to fit his personal style. It’s the perfect synthesis of Apocalypse and Archangel’s armors, and it looks fantastic – especially in that phenomenal Jerome Opeña art style. It set Warren apart while showing the kind of man he was to become.

1 The Armor Of The Celestials

Of course, the best and most iconic Apocalpyse armor is his traditional armor, granted to him by the Celestials themselves. It’s a blue-and-gray uniform that sets him apart from other X-Men rogues. It’s massive and bulky, and it can transform into whatever weapon that Apocalypse needs. It’s always looked downright fantastic, and it would be very difficult to improve upon it, though Archangel’s Apocalypse armor does come close.

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Apocalypse is one of the oldest and most powerful mutants in history. Throughout his life, he has sported some impressive outfits.

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