X-Men: 10 Things About Angel & Psylocke's Relationship That Never Made Sense

Angel and Psylocke are two X-Men who have felt like strangers in their own bodies. Angel was radically mutated by Apocalypse, becoming the Horseman of Death Archangel. Betsy Braddock had her mind transferred to the body of an assassin named Kwannon by the crime lord Matsu’o Tsurayaba. In addition, both Warren Worthington and Betsy Braddock grew up in the lap of luxury. It’s natural that the two would form a romantic relationship while working together on the X-Men.

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The relationship turned into an on-again-off-again affair, reigniting when the two joined Wolverine‘s second iteration of X-Force. Psylocke even later joined an X-Men team led by Magneto to look after Angel. Betsy has never stopped caring for Angel–even when aspects of their relationship didn’t make sense.

10 Why Didn’t Psylocke Ever Purge The Archangel Personality?

While Betsy and Warren had therapy sessions while they were both on Wolverine‘s X-Force team, it does seem odd that Psylocke was never able to completely purge the Archangel personality from Warren’s psyche. This is something you could say for virtually every telepath to interact with Warren on the X-Men, but it seems like something that his romantic partner would prioritize at every free moment. The Archangel personality torments Warren and urges him to become a killer. It seems like something that Betsy should have been able to cure before it came down to killing him.

9 Why Did They Let Fantomex Disrupt It?

Another peculiarity from Rick Remender and Jerome Opeña era of Uncanny X-Force, Fantomex became something of a homewrecker for the already-strained relationship between Warren and Betsy. Fantomex was a blatant jerk towards Warren, and he was flagrant in his flirting with Psylocke. This one ends up being the fault of both Angel and Psylocke. Angel should have trusted Betsy enough as to not allow Fantomex to get to him, and Betsy shouldn’t have given Fantomex as much leeway as she did.

8 Why Did It Originally End Because Of Flirting With Thunderbird?

This one seems to go back to Warren’s lack of confidence in Betsy as well as security in himself. The initial relationship between Angel and Psylocke was ended because Warren saw Betsy flirting with Thunderbird (Neal Shaara). It’s such a light transgression in the grand scheme of things, but Warren called things off with Betsy regardless.

7 Why Didn’t They Just Retire And Live In Luxury?


Both Warren and Betsy come from moneyed and prestigious families, and their superhero careers have been particularly hard on them. Warren was turned into the Archangel by Apocalypse and has been haunted by the voice in his head constantly ever since. Betsy lost her body, has a villainous brother in Jamie, and was brought to death’s door by Sabretooth.

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One has to question why, when they were together, not take the opportunity to enjoy one another’s presence in the lap of luxury. This is obviously a more facetious question than the others, but it is one worth asking.

6 Who Is Warren Worthington III Now?

This is more of a Warren-specific point, but who the hell is Warren Worthington III now? During Uncanny X-Force, he was taken over by the Archangel personality and became the true heir of Apocalypse before Psylocke killed him. He was then reborn as an amnesiac in his old body but with the Techno-Organic wings. He spent some time with Wolverine and the X-Men afterward before being recruited to Magneto’s Uncanny X-Men after Secret Wars. There, he was an empty vessel to be controlled by Psylocke and Magneto and then came to believe he was a true Angel of God. He showed up to team up with Psylocke again during Charles Soule’s Astonishing X-Men series, and Betsy convinced him to return to his Archangel form for the good of the team. He was then turned into one of X-Man’s Horseman of Salvation. Now, in the Dawn of X era, we are all left to wonder what has become of Warren Worthington III.

5 Why Isn’t He On Excalibur?

With Betsy now Captain Britain and leading her own Excalibur team, we are also left to wonder why Warren hasn’t joined up with the team or at least shown up in the comic. Archangel made a brief appearance as a part of an X-Men strike team in House of X, but his mental state was completely unclear. With both Betsy Braddock and Apocalypse taking part in the new Excalibur team, one must wonder where Warren stands in all of this.

4 Why Hasn’t He Come Up In Excalibur?

That aside, it’s also bizarre that Warren hasn’t even come up in Excalibur. Betsy Braddock has been forced to work with Apocalypse in this team, and Apocalypse is the person who made Angel into Archangel. He is more responsible for Warren’s misery than any other individual person in the Marvel Universe.

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It seems that Betsy still cares deeply for Warren, so it’s odd that she hasn’t confronted Apocalypse over what he did to Warren by now.

3 Why Hasn’t Betsy Had Warren’s Memory Restored?

In all the time since Betsy was forced to kill Warren in Uncanny X-Force, it also seems odd that Betsy or one of the myriad psychics she frequently interacts with should have found a way to restore Warren’s memories. This seems like more of a question for Betsy of course given that she, again, clearly cares for Warren very deeply still. She could potentially have her relationship with Warren back if she did this–but that may also understandably scare her.

2 Why Didn’t Kwannon Come Up More Often?

As much as Psylocke and Angel dealt with the presence of the Archangel, particularly in Uncanny X-Force, it’s very odd that Kwannon didn’t come up more often. Warren constantly dealt with another being in his head, and he often lived in a body not his own. It’s since been revealed that Kwannon was still in her body the entire time, so it seems like the presence of Kwannon should have been mentioned while Betsy and Warren dealt with the Archangel.

1 Why Aren’t They Still Together?

This is another way of saying that Betsy and Warren should still be together. Of all the seemingly mismatched X-Men couples, Angel and Psylocke/Captain Britain actually made a lot of sense. They come from similar backgrounds and have dealt with similar struggles. They are heroes who have to deal with a lot of anger and violence in their souls. While the status of Warren Worthington’s identity is still very much up in the air, Betsy and Warren should reunite if Angel ever gets his head straightened out.

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Angel and Psylocke are two X-Men who have a lot in common, so it's natural they formed a relationship — but a lot still doesn't make sense.

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