X-Men: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Rogue In The Marvel Comics

Rogue has been, in one form or another, one of the few constants of the X-Men over their highly chaotic history. Whether it’s the comic books, the various animated series or the feature films, Rogue is never that far from the center of the action.

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As awesome and enduring a character as Rogue has been, like any other, there are some things about her that don’t quite make sense (Forty years as a comic book character will do that to you). Let’s take a look at ten things about Rogue that don’t make sense.

10 How Old Is She?


Rogue is first introduced in Avengers Annual #10 as a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. She’s a nasty piece of work like her cohorts Mystique, Destiny and Blindspot. She also seems to be much older than we eventually discover. There is something gaunt and, for lack of a better word, aged about her. It may just have been a function of the way artist Michael Golden drew her, or maybe writer Chris Claremont hadn’t exactly nailed down her age yet. A lot about Rogue remained uncertain for years and still does.

9 She’s Actually Way Older

In an important way, Rogue is actually an older character than she appears to be. She was initially set to make her comic book debut in the pages of Ms. Marvel #25 in 1979, but that book was canceled before the issue was published. The artwork was mostly completed though, and the story did eventually appear down the road in Marvel Super Heroes #11 in 1992. But two years would pass before the character could make her famous and momentous debut in comics in the aforementioned Avengers annual.

8 She Could Touch Someone Early On

One of the defining aspects of Rogue’s character is that she can’t touch anyone without absorbing their powers, and in some cases, their memories. So she’s pretty lonely and a huge part of her story is how distanced she is by virtue of her ability. But from the beginning, there was someone who could touch her. Blindspot, her teammate on the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, had the ability to cancel out memories with a touch and this somehow counteracted Rogue’s power. Problem solved! Perhaps comics weren’t quite ready for the implications, so Blindspot erased everyone’s memory of her and then hightailed it out of the comics.

7 She Was Supposed To Be Grace Jones

In one of the weirder – and “What If” moments of Rogue’s history – it was revealed by Chris Claremont in 2016 that he intended Rogue’s appearance to be based on Grace Jones. A Jamaican model, actress, and singer, Jones was a fixture of the Studio 54 music scene at the time Rogue was conceived.

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She moved into modeling and acting, including roles in films like Conan The Destroyer. There was just one problem. Artist Michael Golden didn’t know what Grace Jones looked like, so we got a gaunt lady with a white streak in her hair.

6 X-Men Threatened To Quit If She Joined

After being betrayed by the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (who saw that coming?) and wrestling with the personality of Carol Danvers that she had absorbed, Rogue goes to the X-Men for help. At first, some of the X-Men threatened to quit if she was allowed to join the team. Storm in particular objects to her presence, which is a little strange considering Storm had never met Rogue before. Naturally, Professor X talks the X-Men into it, and the rest is comic book history.

5 Raven Was Supposed To Be Her Mom

Another tidbit Chris Claremont revealed about Rogue’s origins was that if he had remained writer of the X-Men titles, (he left in 1991) he would have eventually revealed that Mystique was Rogue’s real mother. We knew from early on the Raven Darkhölme was Rogue’s foster mother and took her in after Rogue ran away from her home as a teenager (later revealed to be in Mississippi). Had this reveal occurred, it certainly would have complicated things for Rogue as Raven is also Nightcrawler’s mother.

4 Rogue: Space Knight

One of the most curious features of Rogue’s early history is her connection to a toy. In the 70s and 80s, it was routine for Marvel to work its licensed comics into mainline Marvel continuity, which is why you had Spider-Man show up in the pages of Transformers. This same thing happened with Rom: Space Knight. Rom was a toy from Parker Bros. who didn’t do that well but had a nice, long run in the comics. In a battle between Rom and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Rogue kisses the robot to steal his powers. Instead, she takes his compassionate nature, which is the trigger in her turn toward good.

3 Magneto???

Rogue has had some ups and downs in the relationship department. That started early and awful with her childhood friend Cody, who was put in a coma when he kissed her. Her other choices have been… so-so. One of the stranger ones is the Master of Magnetism, Magneto.

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His control over magnetism allows him, because reasons, to touch her and their affair was pretty divisive. He asks her to marry him, though she declines. In the Age of Apocalypse alternate-reality, they’re actually married with a child, showing there were some pretty strong feelings there.

2 Is Gambit Any Better?

She did eventually marry Gambit. Though she and Remy LeBeau have been on and off again for a minute or two, the two X-Men finally tied the knot when Kitty Pryde jilted Colossus at the altar. Their relationship doesn’t necessarily make sense though. Gambit is a thief and a liar. They’re always fighting. One of his powers is a hypnotic charm and her power is always a barrier. It’s under control now, but like everything else in their relationship, it’s contentious.

1 What’s In A Name?

It took two decades before we finally learned Rogue’s real name: Anna Marie. Part of it, anyway. Despite the revelation in her 2004 ongoing series of much of her backstory, we still do not know her last name. There seems to be no particular reason for this, as Rogue knows enough about her past and where she came from for this not to be anything to hide. If anything, it probably speaks to continued uncertainty over her true origins, something creators want to leave open for future stories.

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Rogue has been a huge part of the X-Men in almost every iteration in history. Still, some stuff about her just doesn't seem to many any sense.

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