X-Men: 10 Times Exodus Earned His Status as An Omega-Level Mutant

One of the more well-known villains of the X-Men from the 1990s, Exodus was introduced in the Fatal Attraction crossover as the new leader of Magneto’s Acolytes. Exodus, a time-displaced Mutant crusader, has proven a powerful opponent of the X-Men thanks to him being a “Psionic of the Highest order.” Exodus’s powerset includes telepathic abilities and telekinetic abilities like augmenting his psychical strength and channeling it as a powerful energy blast.

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These powers make Exodus so fearsome that in the recent House of X miniseries, he was listed among the 14 known omega-level Mutant. What that statement means is that Exodus is one of the 14 most powerful Mutants on Earth. This article will examine 10 moments in which Exodus proves himself worthy of being an omega-level Mutant.

10 Knocking Out A Majority Of X-Force

A character’s first impressions are everything and Exodus makes a pretty impressive one. While he had previously shown up in an issue of X-Factor as a mysterious observer, he made his first full appearance in X-Force 25. In this issue, Exodus is sent by Magneto on a mission to take Cannonball and Sunspot back to his base, Avalon, by any means.

After arriving at X-Force’s base and making his demand, Exodus finds himself attacked by X-Force. Exodus responds by knocking them out with a single Psionic blast of energy. This show of force was threatening enough that Cannonball and Sunspot surrendered to Exodus rather than allowing Exodus to kill their teammates.

9 Able To Match Seresi’s Energy Output

The full extent of Exodus’s psionic ability would be displayed in the X-Men and Avengers crossover Bloodties. In this crossover, Exodus intervenes in a conflict on Genosha caused by the rogue Acolyte Fabian Cortez taking power through a pro-Mutant coup. Seeking to both punish Fabian for his treason and stop the Avengers from restoring the previous Genoshian government leads Exodus to become the main villain for the story’s second half.

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In short order after his arrival, he takes out War Machine and then confronts the Eternal Sersi. During this confrontation, Exodus rather impressively matches Sersi’s cosmic powers with his psionic powers leading to them devastating Genosha with the clashing of their nearly equal beams of energy.

8 Mentally Taking Apart A Sentinel

While Exodus’s telekinetic power is more often displayed through him unleashing psionic energy upon his foes, he still does some impressive feats with more traditional uses of telekinesis.  One of these feats comes from the X-Men storyline “Blinded by the Light”, where he led a new incarnation of the Marauders on a mission to kill as many people involved with the X-men that knew potential futures.

This storyline climaxes with the Marauders launching an assault on Xavier’s Mansion. During this assault, Exodus mentally tears apart a sentinel guarding the mansion, piece by piece.

7 Holds Off An Assualt From Both The X-Men And The Avengers

While Bloodties already provide Exodus with one moment displaying his full power, its climax provides another. In the story’s climax, the X-men and Avengers put aside their differences to take out Exodus before he could begin his efforts to kill every single human on Genosha by collapsing an energy dome over its capital city.

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Despite the combined rosters of the X-men and Avengers trying to defeat him, Exodus knocks them all unconscious with a massive psionic blast. This victory was shortlived as his monologue about these events being the start of a new era for Mutants left him distracted, allowing Professor X to knock him out with a telepathic assault.

6 Mentally Repaired The Brain Of A Nearly Dead Professor X

A thing that is often forgotten about Exodus is that he’s a telepath. The opening storyline of X-men: Legacy provides Exodus with an opportunity to show off his telepathic powers. This storyline sees Exodus rescuing Professor X from dying as a result of the gunshot wounds he received at the end of the Messiah CompleX crossover. Despite being rescued, Xavier was left in a coma due to one of Bishop’s bullets going through his head.

To get Professor X out of his coma, Exodus uses his telepathic powers to descramble Xavier’s mind, as his memory was not sticking to the repaired brain tissue. This problem leads to Exodus going through Xaiver’s mind with some provided context from Magneto to place his memory back into their right places, allowing Professor X to wake from his coma.

5 Destroys A Mountain In An Instant

A rather casual example of Exodus’s omega-level ability comes from X-men Legacy no. 225 This issue sees Professor X confronting the Acolytes to convince them to disassemble so that they could work with the X-men towards uniting the Mutant race. Professor X’s effort to convince them to disassemble succeed, leading to Exodus dismantling the team after Professor X broke into their mountain base and overpowered them.

After the Acolytes dissemble, Exodus decided to represent this new beginning for himself by destroying their base. He rather impressively does this by turning the mountain their base was located into a crater in an instant.

4 Burn Wolverine To A Near Crisp

Professor X convincing Exodus to work towards Mutant unity would backfire on the X-Men when the teams divided into two in response to the Schism crossover. This division within the X-Men would lead to an X-Men: Legacy storyline where Exodus attacks Wolverine’s X-Men team, blaming Wolverine for causing unneeded division in the Mutant community.

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This would lead to a confrontation between the X-Men and Exodus where Exodus makes an impressive display of his Psionic powers.  Exodus fires a concentrated beam of psionic energy at Wolverine, burning Wolverine down to just being a skeleton. Wolverine was able to shake it off due to his healing factor, but it did take him out for a good portion of the fight

3 Destroys Avalon Through Collateral Damage

Exodus’s psionic abilities were so powerful that he was able to take out Magneto’s satellite headquarters, Avalon. In this story, the Age of Apocalypse refugee Nemesis was found by the Acolytes floating into space. Upon his revival, Nemesis sought to kill the comatose Magneto, mistaking him for his reality version of him.

Nemesis’ assault on Magneto would fail, but, Exodus would respond by trying to kill Nemesis. The battle between these powerful mutants would create a lot of collateral damage due to the two shooting at each other with massive amounts of energy.  The damage done to Avalon would cause it to deorbit into the Earth’s atmosphere that would have caused a lot of damage it was not for the effort of the X-Men.

2 Mind Control A Mob Of Mutants To Attack An Anti-Mutant Rally.

The most recent example of Exodus showing his worthiness of being an omega-level Mutant would occur during his confrontation with the Magneto-led incarnation of the X-Men. This time Exodus impressively displayed his telepathic ability. Having recently taken over Someday Enterprise, a company that froze Mutants to protect them from the Terrigen Mist, Exodus sought to use these frozen Mutants to advance the cause of Mutant supremacy.

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This plan involved Exodus telepathically controlling these unfrozen Mutants to attack an anti-Mutant rally occurring in Washington D.C. to convince Magneto to go back to his old ways and lead an army of this mind-controlled Mutants. This plan was defeated thanks to the X-Men restraining these Mutants and Magneto defeating Exodus after refusing his offer.

1 Survived Being Buried Under The Earth

This case of Exodus displaying omega-level Mutant levels of power was technically unintentional but fits well with the levels of power that Exodus has been shown to have. After being involved in a two-parter crossover between Cable and X-Man, Exodus was buried under the earth by X-Man and left for dead.

Later in the 1996 Magneto miniseries, Exodus appears alive and well. While the miniseries does not explain how Exodus survived his previous encounter with X-Man and Cable, it does leave the implications that Exodus can survive being buried deep under the earth. A feat that, given his Mutant power, would be possible for him to do.

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Exodus one of the more well-known villains of the X-Men from the 1990s. He is considered Omega-level, and he has certainly earned that status.

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