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Especially since his solo movie first released in 2016, Deadpool has quickly become one of the most popular Marvel characters around. Given the character’s fun personality and pension for violence, it is easy to see why so many would be enamored with him.

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However, thanks to his popularity in the comics as well, several alternate looks at Deadpool have been explored over the years. Though some have been weaker interpretations, other versions have managed to capture a lot of the same charm that makes Deadpool so intriguing to begin with.

10 Worst: Ultimate

Though he was only seen briefly, the ultimate universe’s version of Deadpool didn’t come close to capturing the same charm and humor that everyone loves about the original character. Of course, a few changes were expected, but the character was made much more serious and effectively turned into a walking puppet.

With little to offer audiences in the long term, it is easy to see why the character wasn’t in too many stories. Likewise, given the normal version’s relationship with Spider-Man, there was definitely a lot of missed potential with this depiction of Deadpool.

9 Best: Kidpool

Hailing from a universe where the X-Men are much younger, Kidpool is just like the main version of Deadpool except for the fact that he is obviously younger. With all the same wonderfully violent tendencies and a witty personality to go with it all, Kidpool has definitely made for an interesting version of the Merc’ with a Mouth.

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Though he is arguably too similar to the original, there is something incredibly funny about an underage Deadpool who does all the same things. Though not too much is known about this character’s background, this is definitely one alternate version that could pay off greatly.

8 Worst: Kills the Marvel Universe

While Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe is easily one of the best miniseries for the character around, this is also one of the deadliest and most frightening versions of Deadpool in existence. Typically, the normal version of the character has at least some morality, making it terrifying when he has absolutely none.

As one of the deadliest versions of the character imagined, Deadpool literally killed his way throughout the Marvel universe, eventually making his way to others. Though his mind was tampered to make him this way, it is easy to see why he made such a great villain for the main version.

7 Best: Headpool

Originally from the Marvel Zombies universe, Headpool is one of the sole survivors who has managed to branch out into other worlds within the Marvel universe. As the decapitated Deadpool is seen in more and more though, he becomes all the easier to like, despite the fact that he is merely just a head.

Though he may not contribute in the same way that other versions of Deadpool do, Headpool is still one of the more entertaining versions of the character around. Because his presence is always a delight, it is easy to see why he is one of the better alternate versions of Deadpool around.

6 Worst: Death Mask

Marvel Comics fans know just how powerful and frightening Victor Von Doom can be at times. Therefore, seeing Deadpool effectively become this character is an absolutely horrifying thought.

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After Reed Richards removed Wade’s tumor in this universe, Deadpool found himself with a vast intellect and all the other abilities of Dr. Doom. Considering how there’s no telling what a character like this can accomplish, it is easy to believe that this is one of the worst versions of Deadpool ever published.

5 Best: Movie

Of course, the Ryan Reynolds version of Deadpool is easily one of the strongest interpretations of the character to date. After several years of trying to get the project off the ground, audiences were finally given a far more faithful depiction of the character that everyone knows and loves.

With just a few changes here and there to make the character a bit more accessible, the movie version of Deadpool really did a great job of capturing everything that makes him so great to begin with. With an incredible actor like Reynolds in the lead as well, it is no wonder the films have been so successful.

4 Worst: Deadpool the Duck

If it isn’t already obvious, Deadpool the Duck is a combination of Deadpool and Howard the Duck. As one of the weirder versions of Deadpool around, this character actually had his own wacky miniseries for a short while.

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Unfortunately, for the perfect combination of both characters, Deadpool the Duck was arguably too weird. While it would make sense for  a character of this caliber to be this way, some versions really don’t need their own miniseries.

3 Best: Lady Deadpool

Effectively just the female version of Deadpool, Wanda Wilson has been one of the more common alternate versions of Deadpool in the comics. However, because she is a bit more popular than other versions, more of her own backstory has also been given.

Along with some differences from the main version, Wanda is arguably just as intriguing as the main version of Deadpool, especially given the status of her universe. Of course, readers can’t always trust everything she says, but there’s no denying that she’s easily one of the stronger alternate Deadpool’s around.

2 Worst: Venompool

As yet another combination of Deadpool and another Marvel character Venompool is easily one of the more over-the-top versions of the character out there. In a universe where the symbiote bonds with Wade instead of Eddie Brock, this is also one of the most powerful versions of Deadpool around.

Unfortunately, while the concept for the character seems amazing, there just isn’t that much intrigue beyond the character. With a bit of a strange design as well, there is still a lot of potential here that has yet to be realized.

1 Best: Main

Considering how all other versions of Deadpool are based off this one, it only makes sense for him to be considered the best version of himself around. For years, Deadpool has been a wonderful character within the Marvel universe, accomplishing all sorts of wonders and wreaking all sorts of havoc.

With a great sense of humor and explosive action in almost every page, it is easy to see why so many people have taken kindly to him since he was first introduced. Though the character has still had his high and low points over the years, he is still the version of himself who has come the farthest, which is part of what makes him so intriguing to begin with.

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