X-Men: 5 DC Villains Emma Frost Would Defeat (& 5 She'd Lose To)

It seems like the minute an X-Men villains gets popular, they join the team. It doesn’t always last- some villains join the team merely to betray them. Some, however, stay around and become valued members of the group. Emma Frost is one of these. First acting as one of the trainers of Generation X, she would join the X-Men during Morrison’s New X-Men run and become an integral part of the team.

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Emma has more than made up for her villainous days, helping them team against all kinds of threats over the years. If Emma were to go up against the villains of the DC Universe, which ones would she defeat? Which ones would defeat her?

10 Would Lose To: Mordru

A Lord Of Chaos, Mordru first appeared battling the Legion of Superheroes in the 30th century. In the present, he would battle the Justice Society of America. One of the most powerful magic users around, Mordru routinely is able to take down entire teams of heroes.

Emma would try and use her telepathic powers against Mordru and that would be a mistake. Emma is powerful, but Mordru is a Lord of Chaos and would be able to resist her telepathic attacks. She might try and go to her diamond form when her telepathy failed, but that wouldn’t help her very much either. Mordru is just too much for her.

9 Would Defeat: Psimon

The leader of the Fearsome Five, Psimon is a powerful telepath. His ruthless use of his mind powers have made him a thorn in the side of the Teen Titans and Titans for years.

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Psimon is powerful, but Emma Frost is on another level. Telepaths in the Marvel Universe are just generally more powerful than their DC counterparts and Emma is one of the best. She’d be able to defend herself against Psimon’s attacks while overcoming his defenses and leaving him a drooling mess.

8 Would Lose To: Solomon Grundy

The terror of Slaughter Swamp, Solomon Grundy is a super strong zombie. He’s battled many heroes in the DC Universe, including Batman, members of the JSA, Superman, and more. Every time he’s destroyed, he comes back different. Sometimes he’s a monosyllabic monster, sometimes a childlike helper, and others a devious dervish of destruction.

Emma’s telepathy wouldn’t do much to Solomon Grundy, mostly because there’s not really much brain up there most of the time to mess with. She’d go to her diamond form and try to punch it out with him, but that wouldn’t help her much either. Grundy is stronger than her and would chip away at her until there was nothing left.

7 Would Defeat: Lex Luthor

Superman’s greatest foe, Lex Luthor is one of the smartest men on the face of the Earth. He uses all of that knowledge for one thing- trying to figure out a way to destroy Superman. He’s built armor that allows him to go toe to toe with the Man Of Steel as well as many other fiendish weapons.

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Lex may have some kind of defense against telepathy, but it’s doubtful he’s always using it. Even if he is, Emma could just go to her diamond form and smash through his defenses. One of the funny things about Lex’s armor is that it has no protection for his head- it would just take one diamond hard punch to take him down.

6 Would Lose To: Amazo

Created by T.O. Morrow, Amazo absorbs and adapts to the powers used against him. Mostly clashing with the Justice League, Amazo has all of their powers, making him a deadly menace.

Emma’s telepathy wouldn’t work against Amazo at all- he’s an android. She’d go to her diamond form but this wouldn’t help her either- Amazo just has too much power to use against her.

5 Would Defeat: Black Adam

Gifted by the Wizard Shazam with the powers of the greatest gods and heroes of ancient Egypt, Black Adam was once a great hero. Possessing a descendant, he would bring his older code of morals into modern times. He would eventually reconquer his homeland of Kahndaq, battling Shazam and the Justice Society of America.

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Black Adam is very powerful, but he has little to no defense against telepathy. Emma could do all kinds of things to his mind and Black Adam would never even land a blow against her.

4 Would Lose To: Psycho Pirate

Hailing from the pre-Crisis Earth-2, Psycho Pirate is one of the few beings who remembers the old DC Multiverse. The Medusa Mask gives him the ability to control the emotions of anyone he wants it to and it can also manifest beings from the old Multiverse, a power it has had since his time with the Anti-Monitor.

It’s hard to know if Emma could resist the power of Medusa Mask, but if she could she’d still have to deal with beings from the Multiverse that Psycho Pirate could throw and that would be too much for her.

3 Would Defeat: Deathstroke

One of the greatest mercenaries on the planet, Deathstroke was part of a super soldier program that enhanced his physical abilities and opened up his brain, allowing him to use ninety percent of his brain power. Combine all of that with his Army Ranger training and Deathstroke is one of the most dangerous men around.

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Deathstroke’s enhanced brain power might make it harder for Emma’s telepathy to affect him but not that much harder. Even if he was somehow able to keep her from affecting him, her diamond form would allow her to get in close and take him down with her enhanced strength.

2 Would Lose To: Brainiac

One of Superman’s deadliest foes, Brainiac is feared throughout the cosmos. The Coluan cyborg plies the spaceways, attacking planets and stealing cities, then destroying the planet so he’s the only one who has access to the civilization and its technology. Able to punch it out with Superman, there are few heroes who can withstand Brainiac.

Emma’s telepathy wouldn’t affect Brainiac at all and while her diamond form would allow her to fight it out with him for a little bit, Brainiac is strong enough to hurt Superman. Emma wouldn’t be able to withstand that kind of strength for long.

1 Would Defeat: General Zod

One of the commanders of the Kryptonian military, Zod and his fellows tried to overthrow the Science Council. Thrown into the Phantom Zone, they survived the destruction of Krypton. Zod would escape and clash with Superman, trying to remake Krypton on Earth.

Zod has all of Superman’s powers, but Emma’s telepathy would allow her to take him down before he even threw a punch.

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X-Men's Emma Frost is one of the most powerful telepaths in the Marvel universe, but how would she fare against the villains of the DC universe?

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