X-Men: The 10 Most Creative Uses of Kitty Pryde’s Powers, Ranked

Since her debut in Uncanny X-Men #129 back in 1980, Katherine ‘Kitty’ Pryde has been a popular character with fans. She regularly ranks among the most beloved members of the team, and Joss Whedon cited Kitty as a huge influence on the character of Buffy Summers.

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Kitty is also one of the most powerful X-Men. Though her displays of mutant ability seem limited to her phasing through objects and people, over the years, Kitty has become much more adept – and much more creative – in the use of her power. Here are the ten most creative uses of Kitty Pryde’s powers.

10 Staying In Her Clothes

When Kitty Pryde’s powers first manifested, she had trouble keeping in her bedroom, phasing through the floor down the living room (how did she not keep going through the basement?). She also had a challenge simply staying in her clothes.

Her phasing ability caused her clothes to pass right through her, making for some awkward moments. With concentration, a key component to controlling her power in every aspect, Kitty is able to keep her clothes on her while phasing through other things at the same time.

9 Walking On Air

In the ’80s, a lot of people were walking on sunshine. Kitty Pryde literally did. By manipulating her phasing ability just so, Kitty can pass through (just about) anything. That includes air molecules.

If she does it right, Kitty essentially can fly, though for her it’s more like tightrope walking without the tightrope. She does this throughout her career, but it especially came in handy that time she inherited the memory and skill of the Ogun and became a deadly ninja assassin.

8 Electrical Disruption

Because Kitty Pryde phases through molecules, she disrupts electrical fields with her phased atoms. This means she’s a real gremlin when it comes to any and all electronic devices.

This has come in handy quite a few times for Kitty (and the X-Men) in particular against the Danger Room, which had suddenly and frighteningly become sentient. Also, it really does the trick against Iron Man. Kitty’s simplicity in shortening out electronics belies her complex understanding of them: she’s a next-level computer programmer, coder, and engineer.

7 Traveling Out Of Phase With The Earth

After years spent honing her powers, Kitty Pryde later found she could extend her phasing to extraordinary lengths. Early on, she could only phase through something as long as she could hold her breath (which recently became an issue again), which prevented her from simply phasing through mountains or the Earth itself.

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That changed when Kitty learned to manipulate the air molecules within her so that holding her breath was no longer an issue. As a result, Kitty can phase anywhere on an east/west trajectory through the entire planet. No more standing in line for security for Kitty Pryde!

6  Telepathic Resistance

This particular ability trumps traveling through solid rock and magma because it makes Kitty Pryde nearly invulnerable. In a world of telepathy, Kitty is virtually a ghost.

When Kitty phases, her mind does right along with her body.  This creates the effect of making her thoughts opaque and inscrutable to even the most astute telepaths and she knows a few. As a consequence of this, there is no mind for telepaths to read, influence or control and when you add that on top of the fact they can’t get a hit on her, Kitty proves a serious problem.

5 Performing Brain Surgery

One of the single coolest things Kitty Pryde has ever done is to perform brain surgery with her bare hands. Kitty had a run-in with the Doc Green incarnation of the Hulk and used her phasing ability to physically remove dangerous tumors from his brain without cutting him open (or killing him!).

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Her success surprised Kitty herself, but it shouldn’t have come as too big a shock. For a woman who sees computer code like an easy to follow road map, taking out tumors is nothing at all.

4 Unphasing While Still Phased

Don’t mess with Kitty Pryde. That’s the bottom line pretty much when it comes to understanding the breadth of her powers. Lady Deathstrike learned that the hard way.

In The Death of Wolverine #3, Lady Deathstrike gets on Kitty’s bad side and then Deathstrike’s hand gets all over the wall. Kitty can become corporeal while still phased inside of other objects – or people – leading to catastrophic effects for the other party. In this case, Lady Deathstrike’s hand exploded from the inside out.

3 Becoming Wolverine

In the alternate reality of Earth-161 in X-Men Forever, Kitty Pryde displays a power she’s yet to in mainstream continuity but has fascinating portents. Though it happens against her will, Kitty can evidently phase enough to adopt the powers and physical attributes of others.

This happens after a battle with Fabian Cortez goes sideways. Kitty ends up with one of Wolverine’s claws, a little bit of his healing factor, and some of his personality. Like Rogue, the line between her powers and others blurs.

2 Phasing Through The Planet

Kitty Pryde phasing through the planet is no surprise, but her phasing a gigantic city-sized bullet launched from outer space right through the Earth is. During the Astonishing X-Men run by Joss Whedon and Frank Quietly, Kitty becomes trapped on a projectile fired from Breakworld directly at Earth.

She has no way off and there’s no way of stopping the bullet.  But this is the smartest, most tenacious X-Man around and Kitty applies all her focus, strength, and will power into phasing the entire bullet through the entire planet. It comes at great cost to herself, though.

1 Phasing With The Black Vortex

The extent of Kitty Pryde’s powers became evident when she phased with a mysterious alien artifact called the Black Vortex. Kitty phased beyond just the physical plane; she phased through space and time. For the time she was in contact with the device, Kitty phased through multiple dimensions and realities, seeing herself in various different incarnations (including her Days of Futures Past self).

Kitty also became telepathic and apparently immune to the hazards of the void of space. Given the fact of she can manipulate molecules and atoms, Kitty’s powers are potentially, truly cosmic.

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Kitty Pryde may not be the X-Men's most powerful member, but her abilities are a lot stronger than one would think

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