X-Men: The Most Twisted Marvel Heroes The Exiles Ever Encountered

The Marvel Multiverse is a massive place, home to a host of dangerous and deadly incarnations of every character in the Marvel Universe. Throughout their adventures in Marvel’s various alternate realities, the X-Men team known as the Exiles encountered more than a few lethal versions of characters who are usually paragons of heroism.

While that was a common occurrence throughout the team’s multiversal adventures, some of the familiar faces that the team encountered were truly twisted foes. Now, we’re taking a closer look at some of the most vile villains from the far corners of the Marvel Multiverse.

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In Judd Winick and Mike McKone’s Exiles #1, the team’s first mission takes them to rescue a world where most of the superpowered beings have been locked away in prison. Told to rescue their ultimate mentor, the team of X-Men largely think of Charles Xavier. Unfortunately, this message was meant for Blink — an Age of Apocalypse hero who saw Magneto in that role. And in this world, Xavier was a mutant supremacist who’d grown to despise humanity.

Once unleashed by the Exiles, Xavier quickly knocks them out and unleashes a band of human-hating beings from their cells, including Juggernaut, Human Torch, Domino, Spider-Woman and Chamber. Xavier and his forces attack New York and the Exiles fight against them, with Xavier ultimately facing Mimic in a battle. In the end, Mimic is forced to use his Wolverine-borrowed claws to kill this world’s version of his mentor.

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In the world introduced in Chris Claremont and Paul Pelletier’s Exiles #91,  Blink, Longshot, and Spider-Man 2099 are captured and quickly brainwashed into minions of the Hand. It’s revealed that in this world, Sue Storm became Madame Hydra. Through her agents, Madame Hydra learns about the existence of the multiverse and sets out to spread her influence across it. In this world, the Invisible Woman left her husband Reed Richards and their daughter Valeria to command Hydra.

Along with the Wolverine of this dimension, Madame Hydra waged war on the world. This brought down much of the infrastructure of the world and left places like New York in ruins. Reed, meanwhile, began a resistance and found new love with Elektra. The Exiles eventually work with Reed and force Susan, Wolverine, and their ally Slay-Master off-world and into the multiverse. They eventually encountered the New Exiles and worked with a dark version of Lilandra to take over her reality. However, Sue was defeated by a version of Kitty Pryde who sacrificed herself to phase through Sue’s shields, and her allies were ultimately captured and held accountable for their crimes.

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In Tony Bedard and Paul Pelletier’s Exiles #87, the Silver Surfer of Earth-552 was a dangerous scientist whose inventions led to the destruction of his home, Zenn-La. To this end, Norrin sought out Galactus, who in this reality was the World Restorer. He convinced Galactus to make him his herald, the Silver Surfer, with the intent of having Galactus one day restore Zenn-La as he did to other planets across the universe. However, the Surfer turned against Galactus when he revealed that he could not save Zenn-La, since he specifically only restored planets destroyed by the mysterious Blight.

Enraged by this perceived betrayal, the Surfer carved a path of destruction across the galaxy. His path led him to destroy the Earth of this reality, and he became a frequent enemy of the Shi’ar Imperial Guard, even killing most of them in battle. In the end, the Exiles ended up fighting him and almost being overwhelmed. However, a Galactus-enhanced Sabertooth proved to be too quick and savage for the Silver Surfer, and he wounded him enough to leave him open to be mortally wounded by being impaled on his own board.

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The X-Men of the Exiles traveled across the Marvel Multiverse, and they met some truly twisted versions of Marvel's most famous heroes.

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