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Professor Charles Xavier has done what was previously believed to be impossible: he has united most of the mutants of the Marvel Universe and together they have formed the first mutant nation, Krakoa.

This move has turned out to be a double-edged sword for the X-Men. While it effectively turned long-time enemies such as Magneto and Apocalypse into allies, it also brought to the forefront a new generation of foes who are not pleased with the X-Men’s new status quo. Following is a list of the newest individuals and organizations that stand poised to present new opposition to the new era of mutantkind.

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While on an undercover mission, Domino uncovered the existence of XENO, a secret, heavily funded anti-mutant organization. XENO captured Domino, skinning and cloning her before sending a team of genetically enhanced humans to assassinate Professor X.  In this way, XENO was indirectly responsible for the formation of X-Force.

Although XENO’s cloning and breeding lab was destroyed by Colossus and Domino, the organization continues to be a threat, and was recently overtaken by a shadowy individual who described the destruction of their lab as a declaration of war.

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Identifying themselves as neither human nor mutant, the Children of the Vault are “post-human” results of 6,000 years of evolution of the human genome, made possible through living in the “Vault” — an artificial environment that accelerates the passage of time. The Children of the Vault possess superpowers, defines themselves as the natural inheritors of Earth, and see anyone who is aware is their existence as a potential threat in need of elimination.

The X-Men recently came into contact with Serafina, one of the Children of the Vault while liberating captured mutants from an Orchis facility. The X-Men tracked Serafina to a vault location in Ecuador and sent Darwin, Synch, and X-23 to investigate. The trio of mutants never returned.

Dracula has long been an adversary of the X-Men, and with an army of vampires now at his disposal, his threat level to the mutants has been substantially elevated. He was last seen working with the mutant Omega Red in leading Wolverine into a trap so that the Lord of the Vampires could obtain his regenerative blood.

Upon consuming Wolverine’s blood, Dracula has reverted to his prime after being in a withered state and is now able to withstand the rays of the sun. He continues to use the mutant Omega Red as a spy living on the island of Krakoa, although he has yet to make any more direct moves against the X-Men.

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A group of human magic practitioners, Coven Akabba claim to be descendants of the humans who originally cast Apocalypse out of the place of his birth. Aligning themselves with Morgan Le Fay to stop Excalibur from infringing upon the magical realm of Otherworld, the coven failed and Apocalypse named Jaime Braddock as the new king of the realm.

Coven Akabba choosing to fight against Apocalypse comes as a surprise considering that Akabba was originally a cult working alongside the mutant.  Regardless of their reasons, it is clear that Akabba is now opposed to mutants being in control of the magical realm.

Originally a member of the Hellfire Club alongside Emma Frost, Sebastian Shaw was an enemy of the X-Men before being invited to live among them and the other mutants of Krakoa. Always privy to the dark side of power, Shaw has remained manipulative while on Krakoa. Although being included in Krakoa’s governing body and granted control of black market deals to get Krakoan drugs into less-friendly countries, Shaw is barely kept in check by Frost who runs the Hellfire Trading Company that is responsible for the overall shipment of the drugs.

The depths of Shaw’s depravity recently came to the forefront when he worked with one of the X-Men’s enemies to arrange the murder of Kitty Pryde who often backed Frost in opposing Shaw’s unsanctioned activities. This was a power play more than anything for Shaw, who seeks to gain control of the position Pryde held as a member of the Council.

The Pale Girl is the enforcer for the mysterious Flower Cartel, a criminal organization that is stealing Krakoa’s drugs and converting them into a deadly street drug called Pollen. The Pale Girl is a ghostly, ethereal figure who can control minds, even the resistant minds of several X-Men.

Although the Pale Girl is a new enemy of the X-Men, she proved how formidable she was when she manipulated Wolverine into killing several members of X-Force who were looking into the Flower Cartel’s activities, including Jean Grey. She surfaced again, forcing several members of the Marauders to simply hand over their shipment of the drugs, and once more when she manipulated Wolverine into killing Jeff Bannister, a CIA agent investigating the cartel.

On the island of Terra Verde, a company called Cocom developed a scientific innovation called telefloronics, which essentially transforms human beings into plant-based bio-weapons. However, the technology gets out of control and begins to transform the infected hosts into the organic equivalents of Omega Sentinels.

Fearing the worse, Beast has X-Force terminate all of the people infected by telefloronics. However, it is soon discovered that the son of Terra Verde’s president, Hadwin Cocom is the last of the infected.

Seeking to remain in the favor of the president while simultaneously ending the threat of telefloronics, Beast reprograms the technology to turn on its user. Unfortunately, his efforts backfire, and unbeknownst to him or anyone else, Cocom becomes the first organic Sentinel.

Hominus Verendi is a younger version of the Hellfire Club’s inner circle intent on tearing down the new age of mutantkind. Led by four rich but psychopathic teenagers, the organization is already well on its way to becoming one of the premier anti-mutant groups currently in existence.

Hominus Verendi has proven itself to be a formidable adversary to the X-Men in the past and continues to plague the mutants. Since the establishment of the mutant island nation, Hominus Verendi has taken control of Madripoor, turning a country once sympathetic to mutants into a place hostile enough to offer its citizens payment for killing mutants.

Hominus Verendi has performed several heinous acts against Krakoa recently. The organization assisted Sebastian Shaw in his murder of Kitty Pryde and implanted an observational device within the body of the Marauder Pyro to gain sensitive information about the island to be sold to the highest bidder. Although their latest plot was uncovered and thwarted by Emma Frost, Hominus Verendi remains a very serious threat not only to the X-Men but to the continued wellbeing of mutantkind as a whole.

While the X-Men have eliminated the threat most of their enemies posed by inviting them to join them in forming a new society, in doing so they have amassed an entirely new generation of foes both from without and within that pose a serious threat to both them and the mutants they protect. As the previous era of the mutants ends, a new one begins, complete with entirely new threats waiting in the wings to bring their brand of chaos into the lives of the inhabitants of Krakoa.

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As Dawn of X continues, a new generation of X-villains is set to wreak havoc on the X-Men, including the Children of the Vault and Dracula.

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