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When thinking about the endless battles one could dream up in a DC vs Marvel scenario, most of the time your mind wanders toward the main characters, those in your face all the time. Those long, drawn-out fan-fictions of fights between Bruce Wayne and Bruce Banner or Iron Man against Superman, but often left out of these discussions are the minor players, those still great but often forgotten about characters from their respective universes.

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Between 2011 and 2015, DC published Justice League Dark, a run of comics based around John Constantine and a slew of other not so notables taking on stuff too supernatural for the Justice League. It ran 40 issues, 2 annuals, and two special issues – Justice League Dark: #0 and Justice League Dark: Futures End.

Then there’s Marvel, who has been publishing X-Men comics since 1963. Their roster is never-ending, and often changing writer to writer, but in those comics are a half a century of secondary and third-string characters some have grown attached to. What happens when the DC Spectre Hunters go toe to toe with the X-Men C-Team?

10 Namor Vs. Deadman

Namor the Sub-Mariner, while yet to appear in the MCU, had his first appearance in 1939 and he was originally an enemy of the United States but later would come to the aid of the US during World War II. Deadman was a part of a circus trapeze act who was killed and was given the ability, as a ghost, to possess any living being. While their skills are on separate sides of the spectrum, Deadman would need to be able to possess someone other than Namor to be victorious, giving Namor the default win. Winner: Namor.

9 Dr. Cecilia Reyes Vs. Nightmare Nurse

Bronx native, Dr. Reyes, is both a doctor and a mutant. She can project a force field around herself and is also a skilled trauma surgeon. Nightmare Nurse is a magic-wielding demon who, years ago, swore the Hippocratic Oath and is propelled by it to aid the Justice League Dark.

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While Nightmare Nurse’s main ability is to heal any wound, magical or not, she also has a wide range of magical attacks at her disposal. It’s this difference that would give Nightmare Nurse the advantage over Reyes, who was only able to make her force field do damage with the help of street drugs. Winner: Nightmare Nurse.

8 Daytripper Vs. Madame Xanadu

The sorceress Daytripper can teleport, change her shape, hypnotize, and cast energy bolts. Madame Xanadu can read the fortune of others, can levitate, and can banish demons. One could easily see the outcome and while their battle would be filled with one another teleporting to and fro on the field, Daytripper would ultimately get the upper hand with her energy attack, but of course, Madame Xanadu would have known of Daytripper’s victory, seeing it in the cards. Winner: Daytripper.

7 Marrow Vs. Black Orchid

Marrow is a mutant with healing abilities and can control the growth of her bones to make projectiles or shielding. Black Orchid is a shapeshifter with super strength and flight. An even match up but it would be Marrow’s extensive time fighting alongside the X-Men that would give her the upper hand in this fight. Winner: Marrow.

6 Anole Vs. Shade, the Changing Man

Anole is a strong mutant with reptile-like abilities. He can stick to walls, has heightened speed and agility, can camouflage himself to his surroundings and if he loses a limb, it’ll grow back stronger than before. Shade, not to be confused with Marvel’s Darnell Wade, has a vest that transmits a force field that warps reality. Without the vest, however, Shade, the Changing Man, is just Rac Shade, and very vulnerable.

Anole would only need to lure Rac into a false sense of security by blending into the environment, making Rac believe he had won, dropping his force field, allowing the quick Anole to sneak up on him and take him out. Winner: Anole.

5 Oya Vs. Frankenstein

Born Idie Okonkwo, Oya is a fourteen-year-old whose mutant powers of ice and fire quickly developed, causing her to accidentally burn down her Nigerian village. She believes she’s a witch and would later refer to herself as a monster. Frankenstein is a literal monster, created by Victor Frankenstein using immortal blood. While Frankenstein is a towering beast, Oya is a fourteen-year-old girl who can freeze and burn things, and fire is Frankenstein’s mortal enemy. Winner: Oya.

4 Northstar Vs. Zauriel

The mutant Northstar can move and fly at high speeds, as in reaching the speed of light kind of high. He can also use the kinetic energy of this speed to strike so hard he could possibly hurt the Hulk. Zauriel is an angel. While not simply just an angel, he’s an angel sent to earth to protect it, in so keeping his angelic powers, such as flying and a scream that can rip other angels apart. The battle between the two would most likely be fought in the sky, zooming around each other at speeds that would make a Saiyan’s head spin. At the height of the battle, Zauriel would see that Northstar wasn’t trying to hurt him so he would suggest a stalemate, which Northstar would agree with. Winner: Draw.

3 Bishop Vs. Swamp Thing

Neither Bishop nor Swamp Thing is less than a top-shelf hero. One is a time traveler who can passively absorb energy and fire it back at his attackers, while the other is basically an Earth Elemental who can form plant life into a new body if the old one is destroyed, and this is how he overpowers Bishop. Changing into new plant forms in a rope-a-dope style until Bishop is worn down and easily overtaken. Winner: Swamp Thing.

2 Callisto Vs. Andrew Bennett

Callisto is the leader of an underground group of mutants and is known for her superhuman senses (sight, smell, etc.), and her strength and speed. Lord Andrew Bennett, an elder vampire, is known for his superhuman senses, and his strength and speed, as well as turning into a bat and an Alucard-style mist. Neither of these would ever just give up during a fight, both very fierce fighters, and what could easily be the best comic book fight on this list, Bennett gets the victory in the end for being immortal. Winner: Andrew Bennett.

1 Wolverine Vs. Constantine

Wolverine is anything but a third rate X-Man, however the same can be said about John Constantine, who had a hit 2005 film, a 13 episode TV series on NBC during the 2014/2015 season, and has appeared in multiple Arrowverse shows on the CW. One could even argue an angel named Constantine in the Supernatural episode “Stairway to Heaven” was a direct reference to the occult anti-hero.

How could the magic-wielding demon-blooded Constantine ever beat the unstoppable Logan? Simply enough, during the previous fights, Constantine had stolen Wolverine’s cell phone and sent a text to one Wade Wilson saying they were recruiting new X-Men and he should come and watch. In a fit of rage, Deadpool arrives, via taxi, right as Wolverine and Constantine begin their battle. Deadpool screams at Wolverine, asking how Dollar Store John Wick could ever be in the X-Men, striking him down in a few quick sword strikes, mumbling “how dare you ever text me ‘l-o-l'” followed by a limping Wolverine returning to the Xavier Mansion confused about the whole ordeal. Winner: Deadpool.

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If the members of the X-Men and the Justice League Dark were pitted against each other, which ones would take down the other team?

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