X-Men: X of Swords Art Features Apocalypse's Original Four Horsemen

Marvel Comics has released teaser art for the X-Men crossover event, X of Swords, which features Apocalypse’s original Four Horsemen looming large over their former leader.

The teaser for X of Swords: Creation #1 reveals the creative team of Jonathan Hickman, Tini Howard and Pepe Larraz, with a tagline of “Raise Your Swords” and a release date of September 2020.

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Larraz’s art also finds Apocalypse front and center leading a team of X-Men consisting of Cable, Prestige, M and Beast. They are joined by the High Summoner of Arrakoa, which was the island that merged with Krakoa in X-Men #2. The six heroes brace to face off against a legion of dark, black claws reaching out to them from below.

First appearing in Marvel Comics #1000, an Apocalypse short story by Dawn of X mastermind Jonathan Hickman teased the four characters that would go on to become the villain’s first Horsemen. The foursome was teased once again when Apocalypse relocated to Krakoa.

The 15-part “X of Swords” was originally scheduled to begin in July, but with the comics industry halting production due to coronavirus (COVID-19), it appears the X-Men crossover will begin in either late summer or early fall.

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A teaser for X of Swords: Creation #1 finds Apocalypse's original Four Horsemen looming large over the assembled X-Men.

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