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Thanks to his adamantium claws, Wolverine has always been one of Marvel’s sharpest heroes. And later this year, Logan will have to be sharper than ever in the upcoming X-Men crossover X of Swords, which will see several mutants pick up blades to save the future of mutantkind.

While the crossover is set to feature blades from all over the Marvel Universe, one of the most prominent weapons in the first teaser for the event is Wolverine’s Muramasa Blade. Now, we’re taking a closer look at this powerful sword and what makes it one of the most dangerous swords in the Marvel Universe.

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Since it first appeared in Daniel Way and Javier Saltares’ Wolverine #40,  the Muramasa Blade — which is not to be confused with Muramasa’s Black Blade —  is deeply tied to Wolverine’s pre-X-Men history. Looking for revenge in Japan shortly after World War II, Wolverine went to the master swordsmith Muramasa. The villainous mastermind Romulus hired the Winter Soldier to murder a woman Wolverine fell in love with named Itsu, but Romulus’s Wolverine-esque healing factor made it difficult for Logan to take his revenge. However, Muramasa had a remedy for that.

By infusing the blade with a piece of Wolverine’s own soul, the swordsmith Muramasa crafted  “a mighty blade against which all even one as great as [Wolverine] will fall.” The result ended up being exactly that, a hyper sharp blade not only capable of cutting through almost anything, but keeping it cut. In theory, healing factors like Wolverine’s or any of his ilk would prove useless at recovering from the Muramasa Blade.

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The sword’s ability to counteract the many healing factors of the Marvel Universe is what makes it truly special. Over time the magical properties of the blade allowed it to injure Wolverine, Sabretooth, Romulus, and even the Hulk’s son Skaar. While analyzing the results of its cut, scientists even found that it severed its target on a molecular level, and the blade has stood up to Wolverine’s own adamantium claws more than once.

This power made the blade highly sought after, and Wolverine tried to keep it in responsible hands in order to protect the world from its wrath. At the same time, Wolverine understood its potential in protecting the world from his wrath, and he once entrusted it to Cyclops to serve as a contingency plan if Wolverine ever went truly out of control. Wolverine even used the sword in various instances to kill off some of his own villains, striking down Sabretooth and Omega Red when the need arose.

The sword has actually taken a variety of forms over the years when pieces of it were used toward other ends. Most notably, shards of the Muramasa Blade were integrated into Daken’s claws. As the son of Wolverine himself, Daken found the Muramasa’s magic to be an apt replacement for his father’s adamantium and wielded the claws capably until Wolverine removed them from Daken’s body.

During its most recent appearance in Tom Taylor and Juan Cabal’s All-New Wolverine #23, the Blade was melted down and used to make equally deadly bullets. Despite that, the first “X of Swords” teaser seems to suggest that the Muramasa Blade could be reforged, perhaps stronger than ever before.

By chance, the Muramasa Blade was destroyed when Wolverine was dead. But if Logan’s Muramasa Blade is anything like him, it won’t stay out of commission for too long.

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Marvel's next X-Men crossover, X of Swords, will spotlight some of Marvel's sharpest weapons, and Wolverine's Muramasa Blade is a cut above.

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