Yu-Gi-Oh!: 5 Pokémon That Could Take Down Blue-Eyes White Dragon (& 5 It Could Defeat)

As the signature card of Seto Kaiba, the legendary Blue-Eyes White Dragon was one of the more powerful monsters shown in the original Yu-Gi-Oh anime, having a staggering 3000 ATK and 2500 DEF, most other monsters had a hard time getting over such a large monster with the help of support cards. Although their creatures area little less monstrous, Pokémon has its fair share of strong beasts of its own, especially when it comes to the Psychic and Dragon-Type monsters.

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Although comparing the monsters of two separate anime universes is difficult, it’s not impossible, and if Pikachu has taught us anything, it’s that size doesn’t matter in a fistfight. Even if you’re opponent is a three-storeys tall, a Pokémon has just as much of a chance to win the battle as an ancient creature used in Egyptian grudge matches.

10 Take It Down: Mewtwo

As the final boss of the original Red and Blue games, Mewtwo has a lot to live up to when it comes to the raw power that a Pokémon can wield. Although it’s not the hardest boss across all the mainline series, as the fact it’s not tied to any story event doesn’t limit a player’s ability to grind up to level 100, it still packs a mean punch and is one of the most difficult Pokémon to catch. Just looking at how much destruction Mewtwo has done of the course of the series, as well as the ridiculous amount of powers it possesses, it’s easy to see why even the mighty Blue-Eyes wouldn’t stand a chance against Mewtwo. Either of Mewtwo’s Mega forms would also mop the floor with Kaiba’s pet dragons, as the stat boosts it gets from the transformation border on ridiculous.

9 Could Defeat: Mew

From the powerful clone to the underwhelming original, Mew just doesn’t have the juice to beat Blue-Eyes. While it does have a unique ability, in that it is one of only two Pokémon that can learn Transform by level-up, this won’t really help it against a Blue-Eyes. Its extremely diverse movepool may give it a slight edge in battle, but ultimately this is one instance where that simply won’t be enough. It’s lack of power aside, Mew is also historically not much of a battler, preferring to float around and cause mischief rather than engage in the most popular form of human entertainment in Kanto.

8 Take It Down: Salamence

Like Mewtwo, Salamence has a staggering amount of power, as well as two key abilities that would help it immensely in a battle with Blue-Eyes. First is its main ability, Intimidate, which lowers the attack stat of the opponent, which would definitely help chip down that 3000 do something more manageable.

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Its second, and possibly more terrifying, is Moxie, which gives itself an attack boost if it KO’s an opponent in battle which, in both Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokémon, smaller support monsters are a dime a dozen. This isn’t even mentioning the fact that it has a Mega form, which makes it even faster and more powerful than it already was, as well as a very impressive defense stat boost.

7 Could Defeat: Dragonite

Unfortunately for long time fans of the Gen 1 pseudo-legendary, Dragonite may be a tough cookie, but it’s just not tough enough. While nearly every appearance of the original Dragon-Type shows it to be a powerful creature, it also has a tendency to lose against what should be much weaker Pokémon on a regular basis. Ash’s Pikachu and Charizard have both taken one down with relative ease, and Lance seems to prefer his Gyarados to his Dragonite these days. While it does have a cool ability in Multiscale, which halves all damage if it’s at full health, it won’t do much to stop a white lightning from Blue-Eyes.

6 Take It Down: Eternatus


One of the most recent legendary Pokémon, Eternatus proved to the world that the Pokémon games could do an epic, multi-stage boss battle as well as any other JRPG out there. While it’s regular form is menacing enough, with stats that put many other monsters to shame, it’s Eternamax form is something entirely different. This transformation turns it from a relatively large Dragon/Poison-Type into the largest Pokémon of all time, and the stat buff it receives through this transformation is greater than most Mega-Evolutions will grant.

5 Could Defeat: Dragalge

Unfortunately for the only other Dragon/Poison-Type in Pokémon, all Dragalge can really do is flop around. One of the many forgotten Dragon-Types, Dragalge used to have a unique type and stat distribution for a Dragon, being heavily defensive and slow rather than fast and offensive, and was the first to also have the Poison-Type.

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It’s relation to Eternatus ends with its type though, as it has never really done much in any version of the Pokémon world, being outclassed by basically every other fully evolved Dragon-Type

4 Take It Down: Ultra Necrozma

Anyone who says that Pokémon games are easy clearly didn’t have to try to beat this boss in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Taking the power of Z-Crystals into its body, Necrozma transforms from a relatively strong Psychic-Type to a ridiculously overpowered Psychic/Dragon-Type, giving itself an omni-boost on top of that just for kicks. With a +1 boost in all its stats, there’s absolutely no way you can muscle through this Pokémon, the only way to beat it is to paralyze it or use some combination of your own stat boosting moves. Seeing how Blue-Eyes has no effect and rides by on its power alone, it’s highly doubtful that it could take down this Pokémon without some help.

3 Could Defeat: Latios

Tobias may have been better known for his Darkrai, but one of his other Pokémon that might have had a chance to beat Blue-Eyes is his Latios. Aside from being one of the few Psychic/Dragon-Types alongside Ultra Necrozma, it also gets a Mega form with its fellow Eon Pokémon, Latias, though it is the more offensive of the two. While it may have impressive stats all around, its moves and its ability leave little to be desired, and places it in the “close, but no cigar” category of who would beat Blue-Eyes.

2 Take It Down: Darkrai

As Tobias’ ace Pokémon, effectively sweeping the entire Lily of the Valley Conference by itself, except for his battle with Ash, it’s easy to say that this legendary is an absolute monster. It may not have the juice to beat Blue-Eyes outright, but what it lacks in firepower it more than makes up for with its ability and moves. Its signature attack, Dark Void, has a chance to put all opponents to sleep, removing their ability to fight, and pairs well with its ability Bad Dreams, which damages sleeping opponents at the end of every turn. Considering how much trouble Darkrai caused during the Sinnoh League, it’s easy to see how it would win against Blue-Eyes.

1 Could Defeat: Pikachu

Despite being the poster child for “size doesn’t matter”, there’s no version of Pikachu that could win a one-on-one with Blue-Eyes. Even the version from Let’s Go Pikachu, who has stats that are even higher than its evolved form, wouldn’t be able to even scratch Kaiba’s ace monster. Ash’s Pikachu, who seems to be in the top percent of all Pikachu, might win on the back of some heavy plot armor, as he has won against several legendary and strong Pokémon, but those wins were usually off the back of one of Ash’s other team members weakening the opponent first.

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Blue-Eyes White Dragon is a pretty tough monster, but could it beat these Pokémon?

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