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One of Konami’s least successful summoning types was Pendulum. Konami didn’t make many Pendulum summoning archetypes, but one of the fun ones that didn’t come from the anime was Majespecter. The entire deck is based around adorable monsters that gain effects whenever they’re normal or special summoned.

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The best part about Majespecter is the entire deck can’t be targeted or destroyed by card effects, which means the opponent can’t actually get rid of them through means that don’t involve battle. Fortunately, they’re smaller monsters, but getting to the battle phase can be hard, and when they’re destroyed they can come back the following turn thanks to how Pendulum Summoning works, allowing them to grind the opponent down.


Another quick-play spell, Cyclone is meant to be used on monsters which can actually be destroyed. It tributes a Wind Spellcaster monster and targets a monster on the field to destroy it.

Cyclone has a lot of weaknesses between it and Storm, but the ability to destroy a monster is still fairly useful. That said, it’s fallen to being the least useful of all the Majespecter cards at this point, with it being outdone by Storm and Tempest.


When Majespecter Cat hits the field, the player can add a Majespecter card from their deck, but only during the End Phase.

It’s a Pendulum scale two, and it boasts only 100 ATK with 1800 DEF, so it’s best to use this monster as a scale or special summon it, because having it on the field is pretty dangerous in ATK mode, as it opens the player up to taking a bunch of damage for no reason.


Once the best trap in the Majespecter deck, Tornado is left behind by the fact that most players barely use traps that aren’t counter traps. Nonetheless, its ability to target and banish an opponent’s monster is still incredibly powerful.

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It only requires the tribute of a WIND Spellcaster monster, but the fact that it targets rather than simply banishing holds it back from being legitimately amazing, as many monsters are often more likely to dodge targeting than simple destruction.


Majespecter Storm is meant to get over any monster the opponent has that can’t be destroyed for whatever reason. It can target a monster that the opponent has and shuffle it into the deck, all by tributing a Wind Spellcaster.

Of course, it still targets and it can only be used during the player’s turn, but that’s still some fairly effective removal for most larger monsters.


When Majespecter Crow gets summoned, the player can add a Majespecter spell card from their deck. That’s about all the card does, but it works as a scale 5 to help the player summon monsters to the field.

It’s got 1500 DEF, and so will be better off in defense position as opposed to its 1000 ATK. Of course, it can’t be targeted or destroyed by the opponent’s card effects, so getting it off the field outside of battle will be hard.


When Majespecter Fox is summoned to the field, it lets the player add a Majespecter trap card from their deck. It’s a scale two Pendulum monster, but players are far less likely to use it as a Pendulum monster considering it’s the biggest of all the Pendulum monsters at 1500 ATK.

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This is the primary monster players will use to actually attack with, since the rest are far too weak.


With the Majespecters being smaller monsters, Sonics is a crucial card for accomplishing anything in combat. It’s a quick-play spell that can double the ATK and DEF of a Majespecter monster, but it also halves any battle damage inflicted.

The point of Sonics isn’t to push for damage, but it can be used multiple times to make a large Majespecter monster, getting over any threat.


The best trap the deck has, Majespecter Tempest can negate the special summon or effect of a monster by tributing a Wind Spellcaster monster.

Since all the monsters in the deck are Wind spellcasters, Tempest works to help shut down the opponent from using monster effects or summoning monsters that would be able to get over the Majespecter’s admittedly tinier monsters.


At one point the most expensive card in the deck, Majespecter Raccoon is the deck’s key search card. When it’s summoned, the player can add a Majespecter monster from the deck to the hand.

This effectively starts off combos, meaning that Raccoon can be summoned to add another monster to set scales for a special summoning or allow for the search of another monster to special summon.


The boss of the deck, Kirin was so good the card wound up getting banned. It’s a level six with 2000 ATK. During either player’s turn, Kirin can target a Pendulum Monster and a monster the opponent controls, returning them both to the hand.

The problem with this card is as it’s a quick effect, it’s effect can be used at any moment. It can bounce the opponent’s normal summon, leaving them with no way to start their plays.

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Get to know these adorable monsters and their abilities a little better. Here are the 10 best Majespecter cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!

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