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Introduced in Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V, Raidraptors were used by Kurosaki Shun from the Xyz Dimension. A bit of an edgy character, Shun was trapped in a world in a struggle with the Fusion Dimension. Shun’s Raidraptor deck resembles Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s Blackwings, but there are some major differences.

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The biggest difference is that Raidraptors rely on summoning their boss monsters via special spell cards known as Rank-Up Magic, allowing them to skip multiple levels to get their most powerful cards out. Still, this is easily one of the better decks to come out of that series, with tons of versatility and some of the best boss monsters ever.


When this card is summoned, the player can send a Raidraptor card from their deck to the graveyard. This is a great way to dump Raidraptor monsters into the grave to recover via Raidraptor Nest. Tribute Lanius can also add a Rank-Up Magic quick play spell from the deck to the hand by destroying a monster by battle. There are plenty of Rank-Up Magic quick-play spells to choose from, and that plays into the best strategy this deck has.


A basic part of the main deck, Vanishing Lanius is a key card in the main deck. It grants the ability to special summon a Raidraptor from the hand that’s level four or lower once it’s summoned to the field. This pretty much instantly allows the player to go into a Rank 4 Xyz and start the plays of the deck.


Fuzzy Lanius can be special summoned if the player controls another Raidraptor monster. When it’s sent to the graveyard, the player can search the deck for another Fuzzy Lanius to put in their hand. This Fuzzy Lanius locks the player into only summoning Raidraptor monsters for the remainder of the turn, which makes it great support that forces the player to play the deck pure.


Basically this deck’s version of Black Whirlwind. A continuous spell that activates if the player has two or more Raidraptor monsters on the field, it allows the player to retrieve a Raidraptor monster from the deck or graveyard.

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The limitation to this card is that only one can be used per turn, but it doesn’t have any other restrictions, and being able to grab monsters from the graveyard means the player gets more variety in how many copies they run of a card.


One of the many Rank-Up Magic cards this deck is known for, Soul Shave Force asks the player pay half their life points to target a Raidraptor Xyz monster in the graveyard, special summon it, then special summon an Xyz monster from the Extra Deck that’s higher by two ranks. This gives Raidraptors a way to summon Cyber Dragon Infinity, among their own major boss deck monsters. The monster only has one Xyz material, but does it really need more when they’re summoning giant boss monsters like those this deck can pull out?


Force Strix isn’t just a great Raidraptor card, it’s a great Winged-Beast card. Made of two level 4 monsters, it gains 500 ATK and DEF for every Winged Beast on the field besides itself. The player can detach a material from the card to add a level 4 or lower Dark Winged Beast from the deck to the hand.


A Rank 6 monster, Revolution Falcon is probably going to be made by one of the deck’s Rank Up Magic cards, since it needs three materials to be summoned normally. By detaching a material, it can attack every monster the opponent controls, which makes it a great monster to clear the board. It’s only got 2000 ATK, but when attacking special summoned monsters, their attack and defense become 0. Theoretically, this means if the opponent special summons four monsters, Revolution Falcon can win the game by itself.


Made up of two Dark Winged Beasts, Wise Strix is the cause of many duelists’ anguish right now. When it’s link summoned, it special summons a Level 4 Dark Winged Beast monster from the deck, negating its effects. This opens the door for both Raidraptors and Blackwings to make some pretty disgusting boards thanks that can lock the opponent of their turn. Then, if a Raidraptor monster uses its effect, Wise Strix can also set a Rank-Up magic card directly from the deck, opening the door for additional combo plays.


Made up of two level 8 Winged Beast monsters, Satellite Cannon Falcon can destroy all the opponent’s spells and traps if it’s summoned using a Raidraptor monster. The opponent can’t chain anything to this as well, so basically everything gets destroyed.

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Then, the player can detach a material to make a monster lose 800 ATK for every Raidraptor in the graveyard. This card’s no joke, as it plays Harpie’s Feather Duster to anything that can’t negate its summon, then can make a monster’s attack drop by more than enough to beat over it.


Let’s start with the best part: this card can’t be affected by card effects. In other words, if the player can’t beat over it, they’re going to lose. It can also detach a material to make all monsters the opponent has lose 1000 ATK, and the opponent can’t activate anything in response. And if there’s a Raidraptor being used as material, during the End Phase the player can make all monsters the opponent controls lose 1000 ATK anyway. If the opponent somehow has no monsters, Ultimate Falcon inflicts 1000 damage anyway. Considering this monster boasts 3500 ATK, Ultimate Falcon’s a quick game-ending card.

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From powerful to near-unbeatable, these are the best of the Raidraptor deck in Yu-Gi-Oh.

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