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Introduced as the rival character to Jaden, Chazz Princeton had the most surprising character arc of anyone else in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. He began as someone who believed having money and the “strongest” monsters made the player the best duelist, but learned that the power wasn’t in the monsters, but the player themselves.

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Chazz altered his deck tons of times during the series, never remaining committed to any single archetype: he started out playing with one deck, then evolved to the VWXYZ strategy, then eventually adopted the Ojama and the Armed Dragons. His willingness to change is why he was able to win so many duels and become such a popular character. Here are the ten best cards the character played in the series.


XYZ Dragon Cannon would be good enough to be used today as a boss monster. It’s got 2800 ATK, and by discarding a card the player can target and destroy a card on the field. Chazz used this in his very first duel against Jaden, though the card actually existed long before that, during the original Yu-Gi-Oh! era, in a matchup of Kaiba vs. Yugi. It also made an appearance during Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V in the Fusion Dimension.


First used by Chazz in his promotion exam against Jaden, VWXYZ Dragon Catapult Cannon is a mouthful, and requires a dedicated player. It can only be summoned by banishing both VW-Tiger Catapult and XYZ Dragon Cannon. It hits the field and once per turn, it can remove from play a card the opponent controls. Then, when the card attacks it can forcibly change the battle position of a monster. Chazz used this to stop Jaden from using Elemental Hero Burstinatrix from hiding in defense position.


In Chazz’s first match back fighting Jaden, he switches to the Armed Dragon deck. The Armed Dragons were a collection of monsters that relied on “levels” – every turn they survived, they could special summon more powerful versions from the deck. Armed Dragon LV5 could send a monster from the hand to the grave to destroy a monster with less or equal ATK. This is a pretty basic effect now, but at the time it was enough to nearly win the game for Chazz, as he destroyed one of Jaden’s monsters to get a free attack.


The upgraded form of Armed Dragon LV5, LV7 had 2800 ATK, making it one of the more powerful level 7 monsters that had been created in the game. At the same time, the player could send a monster to the graveyard to destroy every monster the opponent controlled with less or equal attack to the monster sent.

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Though this would benefit a deck relying on high ATK monsters, this strategy worked for Chazz, who was preferred powerful monsters early on.


A fusion made up of Pitch-Dark Dragon and Dark Blade, Dark Blade the Dragon Knight wasn’t a very powerful monster, having only 2200 ATK. This is perhaps for the best, as whenever it dealt any damage it allowed the player to take three monsters cards from the opponent’s graveyard and remove them from play. For a game that was becoming more and more obsessed with returning cards from the graveyard, Dark Blade could be crippling to an opponent.


The kind of card that almost seems too good to be real. Ojamuscle once sent from the hand or field to the graveyard adds a copy of Ojama Green, Ojama Yellow, and Ojama Black to the hand. This is exactly what any Ojama deck needs to make the otherwise useless Ojama cards actually work. The first time Chazz got to use this was when someone mistakenly made him discard it, triggering the effect.


The best thing about Ojama monsters being so small and having no effect is that they’re easy to get back. Ojama Delta Wear can special summon back Ojama Yellow, Ojama Green, and Ojama Black from the graveyard if they were destroyed by battle that turn.

Chazz used this trap card to bring back all of his Ojama when he was facing Reginald Van Howell III to prove he was worthy of going back to the Obelisk Blue dorm.


The Ojama work best when they’re together. Ojama Delta Hurricane can only be activated when Ojama Green, Ojama Yellow, and Ojama Black are all on the field. It automatically destroys every card on the opponent’s side of the field. That means there’s no big restriction on monsters or spells, and it doesn’t target either — everything’s just gone. Even if the Ojama are weak, it’s hard to defend against having the entire field destroyed.


Used when Chazz was under the control of the Society of Light, the first time we see this card it’s actually summoned by Jaden. Jaden needed to help Chazz break free, and as a result, the Ojama Spirits worked with him to help him wake up. The Knight is made up of two Ojama monsters, and only has 0 ATK and 2500 DEF, but he’s got the powerful ability to make two monster zones completely unusable, limiting the options the player has.


The entire purpose of running Ojama is to get this monster on the field. It’s got 0 ATK but 3000 DEF, making it an impossible wall to get over. It can also stop the opponent from using three of their monster zones. This makes it impossible to actually get a large number of monsters onto the field at one time. This Ojama was the major boss monster for Chazz’s deck all the way until the end of the series.

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Chazz Princeton is a powerful duelist, but which of his cards were the strongest of them all?

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